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January Giving Resources

No matter how you look at it, the harvest you experience later is determined by the seeds you plant now.
I'm praying for you as you set the course for your year, and I believe this will be your greatest year so far!

Together, we're reaching the hurting, sharing God's love, and teaching people how to make their dreams bigger than their memories as they fulfill God's assignment for their lives.
P.S. Send me your top goals for 2017 and I along with my team will pray with you concerning them.
Picture of January Giving Resource Goals - MP3
January Giving Resource Goals - MP3

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Picture of January Giving Resource Vision 101
January Giving Resource Vision 101

Vision 101 is a 12-month program designed to instill habits that will cause you to achieve success and fulfill your purpose. You will receive 12 CD teachings with companion workbooks to help you develop productive, life-changing habits each month. As you listen and read, you will receive clear and simple direction to apply. You will see results!

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