Breaking Soul-Ties

I recently received a report revealing that my #1 viewed podcast series is “Breaking Soul Ties”. Based on the emails I receive and letters I read, many people are locked in relationships that they know they shouldn’t be in . . . but don’t know how to get out. I dedicated an entire chapter on this subject in my new book, Make Your Dreams Bigger than Your Memories, because it is a big reason why many people are not letting go of their past. Some people can never fully move on or may find themselves “stuck” because they have not severed relationships with particular people that God wants them to sever.
Perhaps you still dream about or long for someone that you were never able to release from your spirit, even though it’s been years. Perhaps you are currently in an unhealthy relationship you know you should get out of. Or you try to leave the situation but always end up returning to it. Maybe you have been in an intimate relationship with someone and although you know it’s wrong and you want to please God, you simply cannot resist the desire to stay involved with them. Perhaps you are tormented with thoughts about someone in your mind. You have soul ties.
Your soul is made up of your mind, your will and your emotions; it is your inner life. A soul tie is an emotional connection or a bond with another that unites you. Soul ties are not necessarily bad. After all, God created them. They can be good if it’s something that God wants for your life. As a matter of fact, in Matthew 18:19, Jesus says, “If two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them”. When two people come together in a good soul tie, the power of God intensifies.
In 1 Samuel 18:1, we read that “the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David” (NKJV). Jonathan’s and David’s souls were tied together in a way that God blessed. Likewise, marriage represents a good soul tie between a husband and wife, because their souls are joined together as one flesh (see Mark 10:8).
As I headed out for my morning walk today, I saw my big dog, Chester Savoy Foy, tied to the gate. We are having some work done in our backyard and we didn’t want Chester to get loose, so we had to tie him up. I visually saw him tied to the gate. He wasn’t going anywhere. I was sure he wanted to. He desired to. He wished he could. But the fact is, that chain is pretty secure and it kept him bound.
Think about your own life. What’s keeping you bound? What are you tied to in your soul that you can’t get free from? Who are you still emotionally connected to because of wrong soul ties? You want to break free. You desire to. You wish you could, but you feel chained. These chains must be broken.

How are soul ties formed?

1. Close relationships.
When you spend a lot of time with someone, you are forming a bond. Through whatever you do together – eating, traveling, working, talking – the connection strengthens. You have soul ties with your coworkers, your family members, your children, your classmates. Jonathan and David are a perfect example of a God-designed soul tie. In this type of kinship, God’s power increases. The same is true for a wrong soul tie. In that instance, it opens an opportunity for Satan to work on your behalf, and his evil power is intensified.

2. Vows, commitments, promises.
Soul ties can be formed by the words of your mouth. Words have such power over your life! Think of what it really means when you say statements such as: “I will never stop loving you.” “You will always be the only one I love.” “I will never get you out of my heart.” “You’re the only one I will ever give my love to.” “Nobody will ever take your place in my life.” Can you just imagine how much power these words yield?
The Bible says that we can be “snared” by the words of our mouth: “You are snared by the words of your mouth; you are taken by the words of your mouth” (Proverbs 6:2 NKJV). A snare means a trap, a hook or a plan. Your very own words could be keeping you trapped to a bad soul tie, which explains why you feel like something is pulling on you, preventing you from fully going forward.

3. Sexual relationships.
Soul ties are formed any time and every time there is intimacy in a relationship. You may have ended a physically intimate relationship months ago, but you still feel a pull toward that person. Why? Because of soul ties.
Soul ties prevent us from moving on to new relationships, even the ones God may be leading us into. This can even happen in situations of divorce. The divorce is over, a new marriage is pursued, but one spouse keeps being drawn back to his or her ex-husband or ex-wife. Their soul is still tied to the former spouse.
James 1:8 says, “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” A double-minded person is one with a divided soul. Do you feel unstable at times? Do you want to move on with your life but are struck in random moments of missing your ex-boyfriend? This is being double -minded and not something God wants you to experience. He wants you free from every sin of your past – even the ones you willfully gave into over and over but still think about.
There are certain things you can do to help you through this trying and uncomfortable process of breaking free from a relationship you feel God wants you to get free of:
A. Decide to please God more than anyone.
You have one life to live., and it matters to God. One day, you will stand before God and give an account of your life and what you were called to do during your time here on earth. You cannot live your life displeasing God in order to please someone else. All that will do is eventually bring you a life of deep regret.
You have to come to the place in your life where pleasing God is the most important thing to you. If He is prompting you to end a relationship that you’re tied to, then you need to end it. Allowing someone to have as much influence as God should have in your life opens the door for Satan to come into your life. He will make it so much harder for you to give up this soul tie. The right time to cut the strings is now. Today. Even this very minute.
B. Build yourself up in the Word.
You must have daily doses of God’s Word in order to develop the strength to sever an ungodly soul tie. You cannot do this on your own. Filling yourself with God’s Word can help you make the right decisions. It must be a part of your strategic plan to be free of your past.
The Bible is your greatest weapon against Satan. He does not want you to break your soul ties. He is desperately working to keep you locked into this situation. The devil will lie to you and convince you that you cannot live without him/her. He will remind you day and night of all the good times, the fun times, the laughter, and torment you into thinking you cannot live without this person. He is a liar.
God’s Word, the Truth, will override Satan’s lies. Just like anything else, you won’t see results overnight. You have to make studying the Word a habit. In my new book, I share simple steps to developing habits of spending time in the Word. You decide your habits, your habits will decide your future.
C. Wean Yourself from that person.
You literally have to wean yourself from that person to whom you have ungodly soul ties. To wean means to deprive. You have to deprive yourself of this wrong soul tie until you no longer miss him or her. And listen to this: there will come a day when you will no longer miss that person.

Psalm 131:2 says, “Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul like a weaned child with his mother. Like a weaned child is my soul within me ceased from fretting.” I remember when I was trying to wean my daughter off of the pacifier. Every night, it had become a part of our nightly routine to give her a pacifier as I laid her in her crib for the night. An hour or two later, I would remove the pacifier, and her little mouth would still be moving as if the pacifier were still there! It was so cute!

However, when it was time to wean her from it, it was torture. It was unbearable for her and she screamed at the top of her lungs for that “thing” she was used to getting. It was unbearable for me as I could not do anything except let her cry. Oh, it broke my heart. I felt like a bad mom! Finally, what felt like an eternity of torturing my baby ended. She cried herself to sleep.
The next night, it didn’t get any easier! It was like starting over again. The same thing happened night after night. One night, however, the crying seemed to fade. It wasn’t as loud or as long as the previous nights. Eventually, of course, the crying completely stopped. The hours of crying turned into nights of silence. My baby, who is now 13, hasn’t missed her pacifier since!

When you first deny yourself of your wrong soul tie, rest assured that your spirit will throw a fit. Your emotions will scream and fight for the right to stay in bondage. But the more you deny yourself the thing that you are screaming for, the less you begin to desire it. Your flesh will eventually stop throwing temper tantrums and will start being subsided by the Spirit of God.

There are many ways to wean yourself off of an ungodly soul tie. The most obvious and important action to take is to cut all communication. Don’t call the person. Don’t answer their phone calls. Don’t hang out in places where you know they’ll be. Don’t be alone with them. Don’t email them. Delete their emails. You may have to take drastic measures to be free, but I promise you, it’s worth it. Doing this is being obedient to God and you will never regret submitting to your Heavenly Father. God always blesses obedience. Remember this: partial obedience is still disobedience. Disobedience opens the door for a curse to come on your life. Fully obey what you know God is telling you to do.

When you compromise, agony and anxiety become your companions. When you obey God, peace and joy become a part of your life. You can never have total peace when you’re in disobedience to God. The only way to obtain peace is to submit to Him and do whatever He wants you to do. Your feelings will lie to you. You have to shut them up and do what you know you’re supposed to do. As I mentioned earlier, I dedicated an entire chapter on this subject which includes more strategic steps to breaking free. In a very practical way, I show you how to remove reminders of your past from your house and how to break the power of those words that have been spoken.

My prayer is that you will do what you know in your heart God is telling you to do. Lean on Him like never before. When the soul ties are painful, rest assured, your pain won’t last forever. Joy comes in the morning. And when something ends, God always has a new beginning.

  1. LaQuice Hyppolite

    I just watched u on tv talking about soul ties. I immediately went to your website and read the information that u have on the subject. I felt that u wrote that especially for me. I felt the pain going away and my heart opening to the words of God and my Faith growing, getting stronger and gaining patience. Thank-you u r such a blessing.
    I saw u first last night on tv with your father and then this morning. I know that u are God sent for your words and inspiration. May God continue his goodness thur u. U have a new fan.
    Sister LaQuice

  2. Lhevie Villegas

    Hi Terri,

    I just recently got out from a wrong relationship, a bad soul tie. For more than three years, Satan took a hold of me though many times the Lord is giving me a way out that I always ignore.. Finally, God sent a man – a missionary with a servant heart and so close to the Lord and I felt like Oh this is my dream guy, this is the man I’ve been praying all my life and I began thinking what have I got myself into, why do I have a bf who’s heart is far from God, why did I allow myself to have sex before marriage over and over again and so I decided I need to break free. I’m currently in the process of seeking the Lord and I believe it’s not an accident that I saw your podcasts. It really helped me and I confess that God’s plan for me is to prosper me and give me hope in the future. Thank you so much. I’m really blessed and please pray that God will use me mightily for his glory. Godbless..

  3. yolanda

    You have a true gift and it has lifted my spirit in Jesus name

  4. AJ

    This information and the videos have been extremely helpful. I just ended a relationship that I felt God telling me to sever for a very long time. I tried so many times to maintain the relationship and justify the wrong that we were doing. We had a history with one another and we have a child with each other. So you can imagine the thoughts that were helping to continue to justify why I should stay in the relationship. It’s been a few days since I left, but I had to leave quickly and obey God before this unholy soul tie continued. Thanks for the information because it is empowering me to obey God, stay away from my past relationship and continue in faith.

  5. Marilyn

    I love your wisdom and technique of teaching..your examples and use of words…………I have many that need this teaching. Thanks so much

  6. Makisha Patterson

    I purchased your audio version of Breaking Soulties I have been listening to this everyday. This is my second time starting out to cut this soultie I have attached to. It has been almost a month of no contact with him, after three years of being with him. I know I must do it and I thank God for your information on this topic!

  7. LaVonne

    Precious sister, Terri! I am now sixty-nine years of age, been a spirit-filled Christian, and an ordained minister of the gospel since 1980, traveled in an evangelistic/prophetic ministry of my ow for nearly 20 years, but have been so very miserable and bound up, stuck, chained and trapped by Satan’s plan by being tied to my X for over 43 years! Yes, that’s right! I divorced him FOUR times, Terri, and kept going back to him, and I am still with him because I have no other place to live except in our house! I’ve tried to get free from him but he would not leave me alone and I FOOLISHLY believed his lies, even after leaving him all those times. Now I am sixty-nine and am dying inside because when one is trly called of God for ministry, and I am, they are totally miseraable, which I have been all these years, and still am! Yes, sout-ties!

    I led all four of my children to the Lord and into the bap;tism of the Holy Sp;irit way back in the 70’s, even my X. But he never wanted to read or study the bible, when I could not put it down. Many souls were saved, and many signs, wonders & miracles happened through my ministry, Terri, and that is my deepest heart’s desire…to serve my Lord Jesus till His return. I’ve been so robbed through these soul-ties! I’ ordered your book, ‘Make Your Dreqams Bigger Than Your Memories.’ I watched and listened to your dad’s and your videos for 5 hrs. today and have been utterly blessed! Thank God for you both!

    I’ve planted seeds in several ministries and am believing for my supernatural breakthrough in 2011! And breaking soul-ties with this man, and many men and people in my life, is the new beginning God desired for me to take. PTL! The words you’ve used in this article above about Soul-ties is exactly what my life has been like. BUT GOD! Hallelujah! NO MORE! I am on the path of my new beginning, starting NOW! My Exodus is NOW! I know God has a marvelous plan, purpose and destiny yet for me to fulfill, and I am on my way! PTL! And thank you, Terri! God bless you and your family. I love you!

  8. lanasia

    Hello terri,

    I just watched your youtube video on soul ties and as soon as the video was over i came to your site. Im breaking free from one and boy is it crucial, PAINFUL! but just finding you on youtube and coming onto your site gave me hope, and reassured me that this wont be an easy process, but i will make it through.

    stay blessed,

  9. ROBIN


  10. Shaunti

    Awesome article! Terri you provide so much wisdom to help women overcome obstacles. So many women battle soul ties, because they do not guard their hearts against unhealthy relationships. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the world. I enjoy your series about going after your dreams, and this series of breaking soul ties, is a blessing as well.

  11. Monique

    Wow!! :”) no lie reading this hurt made me really cry and really think. I know deep down what God wants me to do. There is no other choice! I want to please God above all else!!! His love is unfailing and constant. and true.:”)

    thank you Terri for being the woman you are in Christ and for being a huge help to this unwanted burden or pain.
    I believe with ALL my heart that God will break me!!!!

  12. nicola

    Thank you Jesus, i am going through the same thing right now. You are soooooo right, it is one of the hardet things in the world to go through and i’m a living example of it. I have several ungodly soul ties and most of the time i feel like I’m going crazy. I’m always depress I feel im looseing my mind. I need immediate and drastic help. I’ve realized too many people in the world are suffering because of this especially us women. thank you for sharing this word with us and God bless.


    Thank you sister Terri for this revelation. By the grace of God, I am testifying that this material is Helpful spiritlly, emotionally (Psych. included), and physically. We have been prayerfully applying this truth into our lives for deliverance and victorious Christ-Like life. We thank God that iit is productive. We’ve directed people to your U-tube. Stay Blessed. Thank you and more anointing, in Jesus name, Amen

  14. Cora


    Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. I can say that I had the same experience, but I do know what it is like to have soul ties with someone. I have been praying to God to deliver me and help me to move on in life. Through your message and tesitmony God delivered me. He helped me see why my life was at a stand still.

    I can say with confidence that I am free!!!!

  15. Diane

    Terri, I have recently come to know of you thru a cd series about believing God for your dreams – what a great encourager you are! So tonight I was lying in bed next to my precious husband trying to stop thinking about a man from church. He sings in our choir and is very handsome, but apart from our nodding church acquaintance, I haven’t really understood why I think about him so much. After reading your article, I realize that even dwelling a little too long on someone can begin to bond you to that person (like David and Bathsheba, and look how quickly THAT got out of control!). I definitely feel God led me to your site tonite to show me what is actually going on and help me nip this in the bud. Thank you for your ministry – you are helping a a lot of God’s people with your wise words!

  16. bonnie

    terri just came across the web sit listen to your video on soul ties i am now marriaged to a backslider who was in kennthcopes ministery i had just gotten saved when we meet in my church he went throught a divorce .we married but i begin to see him change he became a truck driver things begin to have in our relationship the lord was so good in protecting me we are still together but he is soul tie to his past i know that i did not just come across your web sit i belive to be free from this torrmemt in my life i have been reading my bible his word is inlighting me have ask GOD to save him deliver him or remove him he has a will. he knows the way but comes against me for being a christian i am trusting GODS PLAN thank you again

  17. nioki


    I am truly blessed by the gift that god has given you . I have recently exited a relationship and i am battling the soul ties that satan tries to attack me with . I didnt think i had any help or way of escape from this situation until a friend referred me to your website. Thank you so much for your wisdom and willing to use the gift God has given you to help others . i am looking forward to reading your books. God Bless You!

  18. april rios


  19. Chaunder

    God Bless You Terri:
    I have been struggling with this subject for almost two years now. I ended a relationship where I was living with my ex-boyfriend. I wanted to live for God and not do anything to bring shame upon my Christian walk with the Lord. I had tried relationship books, praying, therapy but I could never break through the walls of deception which led me to believe that I had made a drastic mistake walking away from the man I loved for half my life. I had been grieving this relationship for so long that I thought that I would loose my mind, but today, I turned on DAYSTAR and there you were, giving me a valuable lesson on life and detailing God’s plan for me. I thank the Lord Jesus for your precious gift of healing.

    Much Love,


  20. Temi

    Terri,Thank you so much, God bless you, your family, your ministry and your parents abundantly. The anointing upon you all shall never run dry in Jesus name. I started watching your TV program on Daystar a few months back. I’m married to a wonderful christian man and we have 2 beautiful kids. A few months back, I was going through a very difficult time at work. I was at my weakest and lowest emotionally, and I eventually found myself in an adulterous relationship. Writing about it still hurts… but anyhow, I knew it was wrong and for about a month and half into the relationship,the enemy did a good job of convincing me that I was not commiting adultery because he was in a different state and no physical intimacy was involved initially. But deep down it did not feel right. I experienced all the symptoms of a bad soultie, no peace, confusion, torment ( always thinking about him non-stop) etc but because I did not know what a soult tie was, i tried to ignore those thoughts. We texted back and forth on the hour everyday spoke for an eternity on the phone until deep soul ties were formed. He came into town oneday and there was physical intimacy, I felt so bad afterwards and immediately ended the relationship. But 2 days later Iwent begging for us to reunite and we got back together. It did not make sense to me, I did not understand why my feelings were saying one thing, but my spiritman another. I cried out to God and he made a way of escape, You and your message on on soulties were the way. Well, he was to come into town again and I was so confused as to what to do,one part of me wanted to see him, but I knew deep down that it was wrong, but my emotions were screaming otherwise. That was when I heard just 10 minutes of your broadcast on Soulties, Part 1, for the first time and I knew instantly God was using you to talk to me. You specifically, said, its a trap, don’t fall for it, don’t put yourself in another compromising situation as you know it will lead to sexual intimacy. You finally opened my eyes to the truth. Terri, I jumped on your website, downloaded messages on soulties, went on your Youtube page, ordered the book and Cds on soulties. I have listened to the messages everyday for almost 4 weeks now and followed all of the directions on breaking free to the letter. Infact, that very day of hearing 10 mins. of your message on Daystar, I knew God was speaking to me. I excommunicated him completely with no contact whatsoever. The weaning stage was hard, but, i held fast to your teaching and heard them over and over and over. Terri today I am FREE! thank you so much. I have recommended your book and messages to friends and family, I still listen to your messages at least twice a day every day. God is doing great things through you and your dad and your mom who I very well know is doing a lot in the backend also. I am FREE! Thank you so much Terri!

  21. Alison

    Dear Terri

    I really appreciate your ministry so very much. When I was first a Christian I went to every KCM convention that came to the UK and heard your Dad speak on many occasions. On one occasion I met one of your Dad’s daughters at the book stand. I have wondered if it was you. At the time, I was so in awe of American faith-filled, Spirit-filled Christians and assumed that they did not have ‘real’ problems. As I have followed your teaching I have been so inspired as you have had the same struggles as normal Christians! How wonderful to hear how you have overcome abusive relationships, soul-ties and periods of uncertainty and discouragement. I think you are around my age, and we were young women when I may have met you. Now I see this beautiful, sensitive, confident sister and you are a real inspiration to me. Thank you Terri for being faithful and I love you and your family for just how much you and your family have blessed me over the years.

  22. Johannes

    I found your teaching very inspiring.

  23. Nthara

    I’m stuck in a 16year old relationship that is not yielding any positive results ,aFter reading this epistle, I told myself that I’m letting it go. I know it is not gonna be easy but I’m declaring to God for assistance and He’s gonna help me through it. Thank you Terri you led me through to self -realisation. I now know what will be good for me ‘the WORD OF GOD.’

  24. marya

    Hey Terri!!
    (excuse my english mistakes, my first language is french so sorry if i mispel words or misconstruct sentences)
    I was in a three year relashionship with a guy, and we’ve been soultied through words. I made some very intense vows and promises to that guy, and really he was not God’s plan for me. Trying to break up with him wasn’t easy cause he was determined to never let me go. I even though he might kill himself (since he told me so). But God gave me the strengh to break up, and at first, oh my word!! it was very painful and hard. I didnt know that the steps that you gave where the right way to do it, i guess I was just inspired by the Holy Spirit!! I cut from all communication with him, deleted his emails, never took his phone calls, even when he called from another number when i heard his voice I just hanged up, etc… and I am glad to say, its been three years and i dont miss him anymore!! He sent me an email rescently to tell me that he will never border me again, and yes!! i am truly free!! I heard he was getting married. I am glad cause this prooves that he is over me now, but i just pray that the lady he is marrying will not suffer from abuse like I did with him.
    How could I not know back then that God had better for me? i cant believe i was actullay dating someone like that!! NOw that I know that i am totally desintoxicated from him (lol) i think i’m going to open myself to date a God feraing man. Thank you Terri for your teachings, i can really relate to them!! Que Dieu te benisse!!

  25. Abigael fly

    Dear Terri im soooooo thankful for what you do you have inspired me to make the commitment not to date until im 18 (im 13 right now) i went to one of your icing meetings on soul ties 🙂 snd i was knocked out of wanting a boyfriend completely!ever sunce then ive been begging my mom to let me go to one and this time i will be! I am really exited about it! I also have an awesome testimony to share, at the icing meeting i went to ms. Cynthia smith took me to ask you for advice on something it was about a girl who had a boyfriend, she wasnt allowed to and she was doing it behind her parents backs. Im glad to say that when i prayed for her the Lord told me to go up to her and talk to her about soulties, when i did she changed her mind and she broke up with him and told her parents about her disobedience! 🙂 thankyou so much fir pouring all of that wisdom into me!

  26. Sylvia

    Dear sis Terri,
    I saw you for the very first time today on TBN. I almost changed channel, becauuse i thought, oh what does this “teenager” have to say; but was Supernaturally compelled to watch anyway;
    Immediately the program was over, i went to your website, and honestly, i’ve remained speechless all day!!!
    You are such a PRICELESS gift to the Body of Christ!
    I see millions of Souls getting Truly Liberated through this Ministry of yours; indeed what the enemy meant for evil in your life, God has turned it around for Unspeakable Glory!
    May the Lord continue to furnish you with every Wisdom, Grace, Boldness, & Faith to do greater things in the Kingdom.
    May He Preserve & Multiplely Promote you, and may the Name of Jesus be Magnified forever in & through you, in Christ Precious Name, Amen.
    God Bless u Exceedingly Abundantly…

  27. Eteobong

    I just listened to ur message this morning and i know God sent you to me. My marriage and life is currently being threatened by a wrong soul tie and am presently in a mess. Please remember me in ur prayer for God to have mercy on me and deliver me. I have promised my self to take all the steps you recommended to break. I earnestly covert ur prayers and response please. . God bless and continue to make u a blessing to all generations

  28. Courtney

    This was exactly what I needed to hear and understand that I have been in a wrong soul tie for 4 years now. I love the lord so much and vocalizing this created so much friction in my relationship. The thought of being disobedient to my Heavenly father makes me feel sick, guilty and incredibly weak. I know that Satan worked on us because we constantly fought and never even have been enjoying each other for the past 2 months. It is gonna be very hard but for once in my life I want to work hard at serving my loving God. He loves me the most!

  29. Eni

    Hello Terri, I want to sincerely thank you for your topic on soul tie, I just came across this on the website as I was searching for something else entirely and I know that it is God who has led me to it. I was in a relationship with an unbeliever for about 15yrs, we have a child together. Many times I have broken off the relationship only to come back to him again and again. After so many of such incidences, I went for deliverance so I could be truly free from him and today that relationship has been severed for over 6 months now. What bothers me now is I still find myself thinking about him and all d supposed good times we had (and I know this is the work of the devil). I have closed all communication gap directly and only send txts when there is need for the sake of our child. We haven’t seen each other in months and I want to keep it that way. My prayer now is that God gives me that total gfeedom from my thoughts of him for He said ‘for who I have set free, is free indeed”. I declare it with my mouth that I am FREE. Thank you so much for allowing yourself to be used mightily for the work of the kingdom, may the good Lord continue to give you the grace, wisdom and knowledge to do exceeding above that which you ever imagined. God bless you and your family. Please continue to pray for me.

  30. LUI

    God bless you and your ministry. I’ve recently been given by the grace and love of the great I AM, my family back. I was on the verge of losing it all. I recently told my wife about this peculiar dream I had and she brought me to your website. I read and now I understand. I will be praying (in faith believing) and fasting on this.

  31. Wendy

    Dear Terri
    Thank you so much. Only reading that single paragraph has explained WHY I was told by my pastors to sever ties with a man I liked who I ended up commiting adultery with. I only wish I had read this before as I would not have fallen into this trap in the first place as I thought communicating with the person and trying to develop a friendship would help but obviously didn’t but now I know and can begin severing all soul ties I may have created in the past.
    Thank you and God bless you

  32. Sophia Jenkins

    I would first like to start off by giving you thanks for this informative article. I am currently going threw a soul tie in which I need to break because God is not in it. Im currently in a relationship with my boyfriend and all is well however, fornication is not of the Lord so I told him that we had to end our sexual intimate relationship within our relationship in which he accepted. He brought to my attention that in order to do so, just ending the sexual relationship wouldnt work but, that he and I would have to weaned off of it, and it made since logically but, my spirit said consult God first. After reading this article it gave me great revelation on what to do and how to go about it.

  33. Nic

    I’m so glad I found this today! I definitely still have a soul tie to my ex-husband. We’ve only been officially divorced for a short time, but separated for months prior. I loved him a LOT, still love him to tell you the truth, but I knew the marriage had to end for a number of reasons. I pray that I will be completely released from the soul tie. Each month has gotten better and I thank God I’m in a MUCH better place than I was a few months ago. Got my joy back! Ok, heading over to look at your videos.

  34. Raquel

    Hi Terri,

    Had the pleasure of seeing u speak at Word of Life in MS not long ago and it was awesome!! This is a great message. Right now I am really struggling to break a soul tie and I have gone for periods of time with no contact with this person and I always go back. We have never had a relationship, but the emotional intimacy in the relationship has been way more than it ever should have been, considering we were both still married to others when communicating started. Sex has never happened although we had one opportunity where a few boundaries were pushed but we didn’t go thru with it. But there’s been way to much mental sex and fantasy between us. His divorce is final now and mine will be soon, but we have never progressed into a real relationship. I think he has plans of moving on and this whole thing meant nothing to him, but I am stuck still wanting to be with this man and trying to cut off my feelings, but at the same time on some level not really wanting to let go cuz I can’t stop hoping it’s going to work out at some point, since now we will soon both be free to be involved. Though he doesn’t contact me now as much as he once did, I can’t stop hoping it will go back to the way it was in the beginning. I want to be able to let go but I guess I am just afraid that when I do I will be terribly depressed. One thing I had hoped when my marriage ended was this new relationship might be a possibility. But now that its not, I don’t know if I can handle that. My marriage was really bad long before i ever knew this guy and knowing him really gave me something to look forward to. I just don’t want to spend my time thinking about what my marriage wasn’t and how badly i was treated. I don’t like feeling sorry for myself. I need something to look forward to to keep going. Thinking about what u don’t have or didn’t get is way to depressing

  35. Terri Crawford

    This article was sent directly to me by God! I was trying to help my daughter figure out why she was unable to move on from a broken relationship, and why she was feeling depressed and suicidal. We read this together and it made such sense! Another site offered the opinion that gifts given in relationship to the ungodly soul tie needed to be destroyed or removed, and on her own, she went into the bathroom and burned love letters and dried flowers. By doing that, it seems that God is giving her the strength to let go of the hope that things will one day work out, and to move on with her life. We prayed and renounced and rebuked any satanic activity in her 15 year old life. It is the first step toward healing, recovery and restoration. Thank you for sharing wisdom!

  36. Khanyi

    This is so relevant to me right now. The pain I am in right now, is worse than that I felt when my dad passed on. I’ve been in a wrong intimate relationship for the past 18 months, I love God and want to obey him but breaking up with this man is so so hard and painful. now I know that it is because of my soul tie to him. I really pray that God can help me break free because I just feel like I can’t. it hurts so much.

  37. Rose

    Hey ! I just want to thank you for that book. It completly helped me to break soul-ties from my past.
    I truly believe that God had put this book into my life for me to be free and walk into His path. So thanks you so much Terri Savell, just to be faithfull in what God had wisper to you. You’re totally a blessing for us.

  38. Zanda Thmas

    I am so glad that God lead me to this. This is exactly what I needed

  39. KBsh


    Thank you for the information. I divorced over 7 years ago and remarried 5 years ago. I was married to my ex for 24 years, we had two children. I have been a born again Christian for over 20 years. Two months after I remarried I lost my 22 years old son to a motorcycle accident. My ex purchased him the motorcycle to win favor over a “new stepdad”.

    My ex has tried to destroy me for 7 years, he has been involved with press conference with political groups since I was an elected official. I knew God was telling me to get out of politics which I did but that didn’t stop him. A dear friend and sister in Christ told me that I needed to pray to ask God to break the “soul ties” that my ex may have on me from his curses, which I’m sure there have been many” and obviously from our 24 years together.

    I knew she was correct as my spirit confirmed it, I searched for information about the “soul ties” and found your book. I think it will be a lifesaver. My new marriage has been wonderful but we have had so much grief and sorrow since we were married, that perhaps breaking soul ties with my ex and my husband’s ex may free us to finally live at peace.

    thank you for being obedient

  40. Maina

    Great Terri,
    I am a pastor and have been teaching “breaking soul ties” to my congregation! What a word!! It is for all people and for all ages!
    Bless you, my sister and keep it up!

  41. Confusion

    Is it possible to be still hopefully tied to someone if both of you have tattoos which each others name? I ask because my ex name is on my chest. A big mistake. I have tried so many times to get over this person. I will go months withh no contact then a thought of them will pop up.and i will call or they will call me. This relationship was unhealthy and ungodly. People help telling me to stop talking to this person but when i wasn’t around other people i would call my ex. Now i feel so broken down until i feel the only way to live is to keep them in my life. I told my ex things like i love you death, i will never leave you, etc. I really want to be free from this person cause i empty inside. I know this person may want something bad to happen to me because they told me to never run from suicide. I was strong enough to say me killing myself over you want worth it. I also said i refuse to let another human being be the death of me. If i don’t let this person go im afraid my strong words will become true. Is there hope for me?

  42. oge

    Thank u so much for ur message.iv bin involved with a married man for 7months now.I’m trying to break free but I’m finding it difficult.I knw I hav to but its becos my soul is tied to him.pray for me.

  43. Mariah

    I am soo soo glad I have read this. I have been stuck in an unholy relationship for 6 years and every time I tried to let go, I fell back in. I decided to officially let it go two days ago and today I felt weak. I found myself missing him. I was with him since my high school years and even currently now in college. It was the only person I was used to. We made vows, deep vows that we would never let each other go as well as fornicating made it even harder. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t let go but Now I know what I need to do to let go and pursue God’s calling on my life!!!!! It is still painful but reading this eased the pain a bit. Thank you sooooo much!!! God bless you!!!!!

  44. Mpho

    Hi Teri,
    thanx for your Faith and your obedience. it is through people like you that we are saved and healed.I just saw your teaching on Breaking Soul-ties and i was so transformed by it.

  45. Navlene Pandaram

    Just watched you on TBN discussing this topic. Im truely blessed by your message and will share with all of my friends and family – here in Durban, South Africa!



  47. tutu cuteness

    [Ke lebogile (thank u in Setswana) – thank u so much,I just read this right now and i feel healed of this infirmity already.Its been 3 years and 8 difficult Months of my life.]

  48. Tracy

    Does sexual violence cause a soul tie??? I need this broke or it just might kill me one day.

  49. npn

    Hi there

    i also just stumbled upon this article!i am also going through a soul tie, i dated this guy for almost 3 years and we made vows etc.he left me because he felt that our relationship was ungodly and he needed time to focus on Christ, which i knew was an excuse, i wasnt really saved, well i was but i jus wasnt living accordingly so i guess i deserved to be dumped.i went through a lot of depression that year, i tried getting him bcak but he simply told me he had moved on and he had broken up with me because he fell out of love with me.a year later he broke up with that first girl and came back to me, saying i was the only one who trully knew him and we just needed a bit of time and then we would be together again for the next tow years(after a year of our break up) we wa in contact and each time he would fight with any of the 5 girlfirneds hes had after me, he would make conversation with me and give me false hope.

  50. Lakesha Goodwin

    I was just talking woth.a friend about this same issue. For me another way was to stop lying to myself. The Word saids “Try the spirit by the spirit” I know longer make excuses for what God is showing me, excuses is a nice way of saying lying to myself. If he’s look like a duck and act like a duck, that’s probably because he’s a duck. The truth is you can’t kiss a frog an expect that frog to turn into a Princess, because thettruth is you kiss a frog and that is all that frog will be. Accepting that and moving forward has impact my life in a positive way. I thank you this will only add positive feelings into my spirit
    Lakesha Goodwin

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