Clean up and clean out!

My mom is such a perfectionist about having her house clean, organized and everything in its place! I mean everything!  Her house is home-y but almost “museum-like”…. got it?  If she calls me out of the blue and says, “Terri, I’m on my way over. I’ll be at your house in 15 minutes!”  Oh dear Lord, I freak out!  And I’m not a messy person!  But my house is definitely not a museum, and definitely not up to her standards of housekeeping! ha!  When I know that mom is on her way, the whole family goes to work frantically!  Kassidi’s getting all the towels off the shower door and putting them in the hamper.  Rodney hurries to sweep the hardwood floors.  I wipe off the counter tops, pour Pine-Sol in the sink, hang the jackets up…it’s nuts!  But it’s amazing how much gets done in those 15 minutes all because we have a deadline: Mom is on her way!

Some of those things may have even been laying around for days and days with plenty of time to clean up, but no urgency to get motivated to do it. But don’t you just feel better when your house is clean and everything is in its place?  So, why do we let some things just pile up and walk by them day after day with no desire, no motivation and no goal to even clean it up?  No deadline.

I want to encourage you this month to clean up and clean out!  Those are words the Lord said to me years ago.  Although He was referring to my “inner” life more than my environment, I took it literally.  I set a goal to clean every room of my house thorougly . . . but also to listen to the Word of God on CDs the entire time.  And I’m telling you, I got cleaned up inside and out!

Having a clean and organized physical space can also bring peace, stability and encouragement to your soul.  1 Corinthians 14:40 says, “Let all things be done decently and in order.”

I challenge you to do what I’m doing this month. Set a goal and set a deadline to get your home organized. Write down on paper the rooms or the areas (drawers, closets, cabinets) that need to be cleaned out.  Hang it some place where you can see it.  Then, instead of collapsing in your bed or laying on the couch all evening, determine to devote 15, 30, 45 minutes or even an hour a day to clean up one area at a time. You can get a lot done in 15 minutes!  When you finish, check it off and move on to the next project. (But make yourself listen to the Word the whole time.  That’s 15, 30 or 45 minutes a day you’re feeding your spirit and getting stronger inside.)

One more little hint: the “experts” say to always start with what’s visible first!  Don’t start with cleaning out a drawer. Start with the pile of magazines in the den floor.  You’ll feel more inspired when can actually “see” progress being made!  If you need a little more motivation, imagine my mom just called . . . you’ve got 15 minutes!

  1. judy middeljans

    I just love your programe and the Lord really ministers to me through you.
    May God’s richest blessings be yours.
    God Bless
    Judy Middeljans

  2. Amy

    Terri you are such a “fun” preacher! I love your style and you always have something for me to hear when I seem to need to hear it! Praise God! Blessings to you and yours always!

  3. Praveen Adams

    Dear Terri,

    Yes, I love reading your articles. The Lord has been ministering to me over the past few months through your articles. Even yesterday (10th March ’09) your daily devotion was really encouraging. I myself was going through a similar situation like what you mentioned there and I was wondering how am I going to handle this and thought that’s the end of it all, but God in His grace has lifted me up and your devotional thoughts are very encouraging. Thanks. Thanks also for – Clean up and clean out. I am going to try this out.


    Praveen Adams

  4. Karyn

    Thanks Terri for these great tips. I have been cleaning up and out, but your tip to make a list to hold myself accountable is great. this will help me keep cleaning and organizing until it is all done. I also like the idea of doing what is visible to see progress.

    Many thanks,

  5. Linda Dornink

    Terri, I have been doing this already this year and you are so right! My husband tells me that I will not get everything done in one day. It frustrates me to see work in progress. I like to see the finished product! But I am learning!
    Thank you so much for your encouragement!
    You are blessed!!!

  6. terri


  7. Alvina

    Dear Terri,
    All of your articles are food for my soul! God bless you and keep ministering!

  8. Connie

    Dear Terri,

    I am so glad that I happened to turn your program on Jerry Saville Ministrities on Daystar. During this time, I have decided to get counseling. I seen the program in June of 2009.

    The program that I seen was Broken-Heartedness and Wholeness. Tami, this is how I felt very strongly for about a year. My father passed away November 8, 2008. I think that is when I really noticed these feelings.

    I have listened to your cd on broken-heartedness and wholeness and I have enjoyed listening to this faithfully. I am normal. I was sexuallly abused by my father 38 years old ago. I am know dealing with all the feelings that I have stuffed inside so deeply for such a long period of time.

    When you told your story on the cd, I could relate to it so well that I did cry off and on which is healthy for me, but hard to show any emotions.

    Thank you so much for ministering to any of us. Gods Blessings to you and your families.

  9. Jennifer

    Thank you so much for your encouraging articles and blogs. They are filled with topics that are totally relevant to a woman’s life. I am going to put your Clean up and Clean out ideas to work – my house and my life could really use an overhaul these days.

    Thanks for being such a blessing!

  10. Julie

    Just want to let you know that you have inspired me soooooo much! I book your new book and the “Build Your Confidence” Cd package at a recent women’s conference and have been nothing but inspired to grow and to see others grow.
    May God continue to inspire you and bless you!

  11. pam

    Hey!, thats me. Thanks for the word.

  12. Patricia

    I really do have a feeling this article will help my mother get motivated about our house and life in general.
    She tries her very best and i do know how hard it is to keep a family running as a single mum with no proper job ( she has two other children besides me), but the way we are living right now is terrible! She keeps and colelcts every thing possible, and i really do look around my house in despair, with no idea of where to begin. To the left of me are two large cadboard boxes full to the brim with plastic coat hangers, to the right is a huge load of papers strewn across the floor. She does not sleep on her bed because there is a pile of junk on top of it, she has to sleep on the sofa instead.
    She is utterly hopeless at keeping anything tidy. We have been renting this small house for just over three years, and each year teh mess has escalated, to the point wehre it is depressing to be in the house. Or even outside, as she has boxes and boxes of palstic plant pots that she’s never used, plastic food trays that she has been keeping for some unfathomable use in the garden, jam jars waiting to be taken to the recycling centre etc. I could go on for hours.
    I do understand we have very limited space and money, but it really does upset me to live like this. I have been trying for years to get her to understnad the seriousness of the situation, but she has been too busy with work and other things to properly step back and look at teh bomb site that is our house.
    Thankyou so much, as i really think reading this article will help her. 🙂
    Tips x

  13. Martha

    Thank You Will do this. Use to have this concept but have forgoten it. Have been lazy lately this really helped me to get out of depression do my cleaning and stay organized.

  14. Michelle

    Thank you. I discovered your website by accident but I am so glad that i did. I have praying about a way to overcome the overwhelmed feeling that I get when I think about cleaning my home. I just asked the Lord yesterday to show me how to start and voila! Today I came across your website and this post. Thanks again. And may God continue to bless you!

  15. Padmini

    Hi Terri
    Thank you your such an inspiration to me your very beautiful &intelligent god bless you in all you do I love you may you I learned new things I never new such a wonderful gift the good lord has blessed you with I thank god I found your website and tube video. God bless you always.

  16. gabriela guerra

    Terri I received the dreams and visions notebook . It”s really motivating… I’m excited about it. thank you … I’m going to work it. gabbie

  17. Becky

    Hi Terri,
    I recently purchased the visions package and I have to say this is exactly what I have been looking for.
    The visions were in my heart however the enemy would lie and tell me it is just me being selfish and that I should be content life as it, that made me feel sad inside. Well after listening to the cd’s and reading the litature it was confirmed to me that God has more in store for me and my family. My heart now feels light hearted and happy. So, greatful for you being a faithful servant to the Lord. You inspired hope in me again….God Bless always…

  18. Carol Conway

    Thank you Terri,
    I don’t even know where to begin thanking you for your weekly teachings, blogs (past and present), CDs, books, time w/your Dad on TV…golly, I could go on and on. I have begun collecting all my dreams and goals pictures…you are right, the more I find ‘just the right one’ and begin speaking the “I am enjoying my healthy and happy weight of 148 pounds.”…etc. It becomes more and more REAL!!! I am about to go into the dining room and make a dent on the pile of magazines and bills and ??? sitting on the table. I am inspired! Thank you…May you continue God’s assignment on your life and keep sharing w/us! AMEN!!

  19. Thedy

    Your blogs (video and written) have been life changing for me! Like you, I am goal-oriented. I have always set goals to accomplish and accomplish many of them. However, you have tremendously helped me with my goal of decluttering my home and finishing the decorating projects that I started in my home. When I first bought my home in 2002, I went HGTV/Trading Spaces-crazy and did a lot of neat home decorating projects in my home. I loved it! However, I did not know how to do some things and those projects were either left unfinished or improperly done. Fast forward to December 2009, I started decluttering my home. I saw the trashman approaching our street so I put out boxes for some electronic equipment for the trashman to come get. The week before Christmas, I was the victim of a home invasion where I was in the home at the time. Thank God I was not harmed and nothing was taken, except my peace. The onlyyyyy thing I wanted to do after that was to protect my home! i was fearful of even buying any new items or removing any more items from my home. So the clutter remained and more accumulated.

    As a result of watching your videos and messages on clearing out the clutter, however, I have really decluttered my entire house! I have done this all myself with some muscle/know-how help from my boyfriend, Youtube and Google :-)!!! I have also repurposed items once considered useless. I didn’t just declutter though; I have also re-decorated the entire house! I made it more appealing, inviting, and inspiring for my next goals and dreams, which are getting married (yes, he’s a keeper! :-), preparing for a family, losing weight (my home gym is now inspiring), writing a book, starting a business, etc. I am almost finished with my decluttering/home decorating goal and it has taken me just over two months! I am amazed at the short amount of time it has taken and yet I had procrastinated doing it because I thought it would take me so much longer! Your key of taking 20 minutes a day to try and accomplish some projects, creating a vision board, setting a deadline for doing it, and time mapping were the missing keys I needed to finish in such a short time. I have saved time and money. I’ve created a peaceful and enjoyable home. I have more energy. I feel great/accomplished for having decluttered my entire home. I feel ready to begin (and most importantly FINISH) the next goals in my life! We are going to have a party to celebrate this big achievement! Thanks Terri Savelle Foy, as you can see, this word was life changing!

  20. Pamela

    Thank you for your transparency in teaching God’s Word on such a practical, yet powerful level. Your teachings on vision, decluttering, and overcoming procrastination are truly from God! I feel as if they were tailor made for me! Terri, may you continue to be blessed by and used of God!

  21. roz

    After watching the Clutter Clean Out podcast for a week everynight, something came over me. I cleaned, the oven, fridge, shampooed the carpet (with a mop!), wash windows, walls, doors, cleaned closets, vaccumed the all lampshades, cleaned each vertical blind in every room, cleaned and swept the garage; I did all this while experiencing symptoms of the flu and after working 8 hours a day. My husband returned home from and trip and asked: What has gotten into you? I told him I got a revelation from watching Terri Savelle Foy’s Clean Out Clutter! He and I are going to do the Vision 101 this year! Thank you Terri! Glory to God!

  22. Lejuane Erasmus

    Thank you for all your great advise, and ministering. Really such a blessing.

  23. Lisa Krushinski

    Hi Terri!
    I stumbled across your YouTube channel yesterday and you have no idea what a blessing you have been to me already! I know it was not coincidence, but rather, Providence! Our amazing God knew my need and led me to you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your godly, timely encouragement, insight, practical tips, and passion to share your heart and what God has revealed to you! May God continue to use you mightily in the lives of women around the world!
    Sending love and prayers your way, my sweet sister in Jesus!

  24. Stephanie

    Again, This is no coincident that we met. You are truly a blessing to my life.

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