What is partnership?

A partner is someone who has been helped and encouraged by Terri’s ministry and wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves that is helping and encouraging others. Partnership is a commitment of regular financial support that enables the vision of Terri Savelle Foy Ministries to help people spiritually and physically.

Why partner?

More than ever there is a need for people to discover their true value and purpose in life. If we don’t then many lives will struggle with guilt, failures and mediocrity while never reaching their God-given potential.

Terri’s desire is to share what she has learned to anyone and everyone about breaking free from the past, developing a vision for tomorrow and living the successful life God created them to enjoy.

Partners truly are the ones that make the ministry possible. From the weekly podcast, resources given to young women at Icing women’s events, outreaches to the people of France, and our support of strategic partners that fight against human trafficking…partners make it all happen.

How to Become A New Partner:

If you would like to make your first Partner donation Click Here.
(In drop down box please select “I Want To Become A Partner”)

If you are already a partner or if you would like to make a donation Click Here.

Your commitment to partnership is a blessing!