About Terri

Terri  be seen weekly on the Jerry Savelle Ministries TV Broadcast.

Terri…the girl with a small voice, big smile and even bigger heart for God. She is known for smiling to anyone and everyone. Her smile is a ministry in itself because it is sincere and it is consistent. Since she was a little girl, she was known for her bubbly nature and constant smile. Her family used to make bets that when she walked in a room, no doubt, she would be smiling. However, what those around her didn’t realize is that Terri was hiding a lot of pain behind that smile causing her to feel much like a “performer at life”.

The daughter of well-known minister, Jerry Savelle, Terri grew up in a strong household of faith with parents who lived the Bible before her and taught her what it means to live by faith. No matter what she learned in church or heard at home, her own opinion of herself caused her to make many poor decisions resulting in low self-esteem and a very poor self-image.

Her gentle spirit and witty sense of humor disguised her insecurities very well. She was very popular in school as a cheerleader, the Homecoming Queen, class favorite girl and various awards throughout the years, as well as excelling academically on the Dean’s List nearly every semester of college and graduating cum laude. However, Terri knows what it’s like to try to earn your worth and value by appearing perfect and working extremely hard.

Terri gives proof that it doesn’t matter how many awards you are given, achievements you earn or compliments you receive, if your own self-perception is distorted, you will make decisions rooted in fear and live a life beneath the value and worth that Jesus died to give you.

Because of her own insecurities and feelings of rejection, Terri was filled with fear resulting in an inability to confront issues, to stand up for herself, to resist temptation, and to be free. Although she loved God and wanted to be in His perfect will, she didn’t have the strength to resist satan’s well thought-out plans for her destruction.

She was seeing herself through the eyes of her mistakes. She was carrying herself with shame. She was living a life going nowhere.

Through a series of mistakes, painful relationships and the results of being brokenhearted, Terri now knows how it feels to be free. More importantly, she knows how to get free! She is determined to tell others how they can let go of the things that are destroying them. In her eyes, everyone is important and significant, and she goes out of her way to make people not only feel that, but believe it. She is driven to instill self-respect in people of all ages and backgrounds by igniting personal vision in their lives. She has discovered that nobody can fight your battles for you but you, and if you’re going to fulfill your assignment on earth, you better learn to fight back!

She is convinced that every painful experience of your life is a trap set up by satan to distract and destroy you . . . BUT by embracing an intimate relationship with God who is full of mercy – you can be healed every where you hurt.

Terri is now teaching others how to fight their fears with a plan! Through her visual messages, her honesty about her own weaknesses and her funny personality, she proves that everything needed to obtain confidence, self-esteem and self-respect can be found in receiving God’s unconditional love. He is the only one who will never leave you nor forsake you.

Terri is stated as saying, “I want to spend the rest of my life tormenting the devil for the torment I allowed him to put me through.” She plans to do that by sharing her testimony with others, sharing God’s mercy that extends to everyone no matter what their past entails and teaching people how to be disciplined and focused on completing their life assignment down to the last detail!

“I glorified you on earth by completing down to the last detail what you assigned me to do.” John 17:4 (Message)

Terri earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Communication Studies from Texas Tech University. She was ordained into ministry in January 2000 holding her ministry credentials with Heritage of Faith Christian Center. She currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Jerry Savelle Ministries International.  She co-hosts the Jerry Savelle Ministries TV broadcast that reaches a world-wide audience. Terri and her husband, Rodney Foy, have been married since 1991 and are the parents of a beautiful, red-headed daughter, Kassidi Cherie. They reside in the Fort Worth, Texas area.