5 Easy Ways to Build Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem makes a huge impact on your potential and purpose. God wants you to see yourself the right way. He wants to take you from a distorted self-image to seeing your self as His masterpiece. Today, Terri shares with you five ways you can build your self-esteem and be the work of art you were created to be.


  1. Mary St.Pierre

    Thank you Terri Savelle Foy,
    Thank you for sharing your testimony and being a encouraging women of God , I seam to tune you on at the right time and you always seak what i need at the right time
    Thank you for sharing your teaching .
    Your teaching reach out to me because I am interested in getting out of the the things holds me back, like low self esteem and being overweight, I can relate to what you talk about, it’s like you are reading my live story.

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