Vision Update


    Partners and Friends,

    We’ve seen God do amazing things over the last year, but He’s definitely accelerating things in my life and in our ministry. I’m always telling you to DREAM BIG and I have to keep practicing that command in my life too!

    After years of knowing this day would come . . .

    The Lord has instructed me to launch our very own television broadcast!

    I have to admit that I sorta put the dream and call of reaching people through TV on the shelf when the Lord directed us to move our headquarters almost two years ago. I thought: It’s so expensive. We don’t have all the personnel. We aren’t ready.

    But recently, the CEO of a company that buys airtime for some very large ministries asked to meet with me. He found our video podcast and watched episodes for three hours non-stop.

    He was directed by the Lord to come to our offices for no other reason than to say, “You have a special anointing for this and need to plan to go on TV!”

    After he left, my executive team and I sat in our planning room and said, “God is in the middle of this!”

    Does it make me uncomfortable? Does it make me nervous? Does it scare me a little bit? Absolutely. But I know, it’s time to go for it.

    When I think about you and the privilege it is to speak into your life, it’s so humbling. It’s my greatest honor to cheer you on and give you practical biblical tools to achieve your dreams.

    Likewise, you keep cheering me on. It truly goes both ways, and I want you to know that I am so grateful for you.

    The Lord told me very clearly just a couple months ago, and this applies to you as well, that things will happen with extreme speed. We don’t have time to waste. We must be ready for fast growth.

    Since He told me that, we’ve seen our podcast views increase by 300%, website visits increase over 200% and new people connecting with us increase 350%!

    I’m reminded of Amos 9:13 (MSG): “Things will happen so fast, your head will swim!”

    Any time God has given me vision or a dream, my first step is to GIVE. I don’t purchase cameras, air time, or hire new team members. I give.

    So, I prayed about it and I told my CEO that I wanted to give the LARGEST SEED we have ever sown. Why? Because we need the LARGEST HARVEST we’ve ever known.

    On January 1, 2016, we gave the best and most significant seed we’ve ever given based on four things I want the Lord to know:

    1. How serious we are about this dream.
    2. How dependent we are on Him to accomplish our dreams.
    3. How much He can trust us with finances.
    4. How we’ll always honor Him by giving back to those who’ve taught us the most.

    The goal is to raise $1 million dollars to support this new television outreach. This will provide for the equipment, studio, personnel, and airtime.

    My confidence comes from knowing that this is God’s vision. Together we can do it.

    I want to move quickly and have everything ready to launch this year. That’s fast, I know, but there’s an urgency in my spirit to reach people.

    Look at this gripping story Mary sent us:

    Terri, I lost my job earlier this year and I fell into a sort of depression. I felt even if I get another job, life will be just more of the same. I lay on the sofa each day barely able to move even to meet my basic needs. While searching for encouragement, I found you. I listened for five hours that first day and then I got out of my bed and cleaned for the first time in four weeks . . . . I did this the next day and the next! Now each day is exciting again! I have a part-time job as a teacher and I’ve earned money from a writing project that has paid off my housing debts! I am going for my dreams of starting a business. I am 46 years old and the time is now! Thank you for what you’ve given me through your priceless messages.

    We have the opportunity to prevent so many people from wasting the life God’s given them. Whether they’re stuck in the pain and regret of the past, just existing day-to-day, or they’ve given up on God’s plan for their life . . . as they’re using a remote control to change TV channels, they’ll find us, and God will begin to change them!

    I’m asking you to give your best contribution today and invest in this groundbreaking launch.

    Some will give $25,000, $1,000, $100, or $20. Whatever the amount, thank you, from my heart, for giving your best donation and for believing in my dream to reach hurting people.

    Remember, any time God talks to you about a seed, it’s because He has a harvest in mind for you! I’m praying you receive an accelerated Amos 9:13 harvest.

    Making a difference together,
    Terri Signature-blue



    June update: Thank you friends and partners for your generous, faithful support! The studio is getting finished and equipment is being ordered so we can record the first set of ministry broadcasts on August 4.

    Picking out paint colors for the studio set.


    Before and after progress pics.




































    First taping on August 4.
















    Live Your Dreams with Terri Savelle Foy begins airing October 2 on BVOVN!

    Click here for listings and air times.

    Thank you partners for your prayers and financial support that enables us to teach people how to succeed God’s way around the world.