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How To Overcome Regret Instantly

We all have things we wish we didn’t do, mistakes we’ve made, things we regret. But, when you live in the guilt, shame, and hurt of your past, it will prevent you from moving into your future and fulfilling your purpose. Today, Terri shares how she overcame regret and how you can too. Based on teaching from Terri’s book, “Make Your Dreams […]

Pay Now, Play Later

There will always be a price to pay in life and you’ll be better off if you pay the price first before you play. In today’s episode, Terri talks about eating frogs and shares a simple, but powerful way to increase your productivity by using sprint sessions. Based on the teaching, “Mind Over Mattress.” Click here to […]

Mind Over Mattress

Successful high achievers have daily habits, and specifically, morning routines that lead them to their dreams. Join Terri as she shares some of the most valuable habits you should incorporate into your daily life. Order the complete “Mind Over Mattress” teaching by clicking here.