Habits For An Extraordinary Life

Average people have average habits. But if you’ve asked God for some big things, you’ll need to develop habits that will prepare you to achieve those requests. Terri encourages you today to develop habits that will lead to extraordinary life! Click here to request VISION 101: 12 Habits of Dream Achievers.  

The Power of Gratitude

It’s not enough just to have a grateful heart. Today, Terri shares why you need to take it a step further to experience the power of gratitude to open doors in your life. Click here to order Dream it. Pin it. Live it book, workbook, or the entire Vision Board Kit.  

Accelerate Your Progress

The word accelerate means to hasten the progress, to cause to move faster, to speed up and to enable to complete a course in less than usual time. That’s exactly what has happened in my life and this ministry. I give God all the praise for what He has done and for what He’s taught […]