The Secret to a Clean and Organized Home

Time is the most valuable asset you have. The better we can manage our time and prioritize it on things that matter the most (relationships, our calling, getting healthy in every area, etc.) the better off we’ll be. Well, what if you could save one whole year of your life by applying some simple advice? […]

Clean and Declutter with me!

I just got back from a great weekend ministering in Washington state. On the way home I was reminded just how different my life is now compared to 2002.  One of the biggest changes took place in me when I understood the following (I really want you to get this): The way you do anything […]

My 5AM Morning Routine

I’ll never forget the day we moved into our beautiful home… I was carrying a box of shoes into my new dream closet when a young woman who was hired by a cleaning company to help us prepare for move-in stopped me. Out of nowhere, she asked, “Ma’am, I just want to know… How do […]

6 Bad Habits to Break in 2020

Studies show that it’s around this time of January most people lose sight of their goals for the year and completely stop pursuing them. This is your reminder: the year is just starting, get your goals back out, if you need to re-adjust them to something more manageable, that’s fine, but DON’T QUIT on yourself! […]

Becoming a Morning Person in 2020

It’s no secret that the most successful, high achievers have something in common: they win the battle of the bed. So, let’s talk about how you can conquer the covers and become a morning person this year. Why is the morning so important to be successful and achieve your dreams? Did you know that if […]

How to Design Your Life in 2020

Hello!I’d like to give you my system for designing your life in 2020.Maybe you can relate to the following…I used to be so frustrated, discouraged, and downright disgusted with myself because year after year I never achieved my goals.Finally, something clicked and I’ve become a lifelong goal-setter and a goal-getter. Now I’m constantly learning more […]