Simple Goal Setting Techniques That Actually Work

[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”Simple%20Goal%20Setting%20Techniques%20That%20Actually%20Work”] Every January people all over the world set goals, but sadly the majority of those goals go unfulfilled. Don’t allow this year to be another year of regrets and “what if’s” when you are capable of so much more. Today, Terri will show you five effective techniques that take you from just […]

The 90% Rule of Success and Failure

[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”The%2090%%20Rule%20of%20Success%20and%20Failure”]   Statistics show there is a very powerful indicator of who will succeed at their endeavors and who won’t. Today, Terri wants to share with you the 90% Rule of Success and Failure that can be the very motivation you need to keep going and achieve your dreams.   

Make Vision Boards Work for You

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How do you take your dreams from fantasies in your mind to real life achievements? Today, Terri will share with you practical steps to develop your vision and show you how vision boards can help you move beyond where you are today and accomplish great things.     Dream  it. Pin it. Live it. Package     […]

When Success is Taking Too Long

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”When%20Success%20is%20Taking%20Too%20Long”]   We live in a microwave society, and we want things to happen fast (at least faster than it’s taking). After years, setbacks, rejections…what do you do? Today, Terri will encourage you with stories of successful people that would never have arrived where they are today if they gave up when success seemed impossible.  

No Excuses

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”No%20Excuses”]   What are your excuses doing to your potential? Many times, the only thing standing between where you are and where you want to be is your excuses. Today, Terri will encourage you with success stories of some unlikely people that chose to stop making excuses and start making progress. Taken from Pep Talk book. […]

Find Freedom by Letting Go

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Are you holding on to the shame, guilt or hurts of your past? Doing so will hold you back and lock you out of your destiny. Today, Terri shares with you the life-changing story of when she began to let go of what was holding her back. These same principles will help you let go and find freedom too.   […]

Get Your Bounce Back

  Have you reached a point in your life where it feels like you’re hitting a wall? Today, Terri wants to encourage you to rebound to a higher level. Often, the biggest blessings come after the greatest resistance.  Taken from Pep Talk book. To request your copy, click here.