5 Simple Habits to Beat Procrastination

Today you’re going to get a $25,000 tip to triple your productivity and skyrocket your progress to achieve every goal in life. I’m not just making up some random price tag for this information, someone truly paid that much money (not to me) to hear this tip today. This is a true story. Watch this […]

17 Productive Tips and Hack

Think back to when life was normal and you were in your routine…Would you start your day by waking up late, rushing around, hoping you didn’t forget anything, rushing out the door…. trying to make every green light and entering work the same way… a little scattered and stressed? I want you to find time in […]

The Secret to a Clean and Organized Home

Time is the most valuable asset you have. The better we can manage our time and prioritize it on things that matter the most (relationships, our calling, getting healthy in every area, etc.) the better off we’ll be. Well, what if you could save one whole year of your life by applying some simple advice? […]

Clean and Declutter with me!

I just got back from a great weekend ministering in Washington state. On the way home I was reminded just how different my life is now compared to 2002.  One of the biggest changes took place in me when I understood the following (I really want you to get this): The way you do anything […]