How to Find a Mentor in Business

You may not know this, because most people don’t, but 93% of wealthy people attribute their success to one surprising thing… Having a mentor! Mentors are a powerful key to success, not just financially, but in every area of life. Did you know:  Audrey Hepburn was a mentor to Elizabeth Taylor Mahatma Gandhi was a mentor to Dr. Martin […]

3 Signs You Need New Friends

This is amazing… you’ve heard the phrase: Your network is equal to your net worth.Well, did you know that 99% of your success is due to your reference group?In fact, Harvard did a 20 year study proving that your physical health is determined more by your relationships than by the food you eat, exercise program you’re […]

How to Speak So People Want to Listen

Have you ever wondered how to speak so people want to listen? How in the world do you get people to desire to LISTEN to you? The short answer is: with sandpaper… I’ll explain in this week’s podcast.  But, the #1 way you will connect with people is with your story! Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you […]