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Maybe you’re not always “shy”, but in certain circumstances, you tend to shrivel up and not pursue the things in your heart because of a lack of confidence. This week, I want to share with you how I overcame being shy. Jesus did not die on the cross for you so you could feel insecure, […]

3 Ways to be More Confident!

Having confidence was a huge challenge for me… I saw how confident other people were, but I was filled with insecurities. I honestly thought I was the ugliest girl growing up. I even had a hard time talking to people, sharing my opinions, and making decisions for years and years. Looking back, it’s obvious how […]

The 3 Biblical Keys to Success that Changed My Life | You Won’t Believe These Came from God’s Word You’re not alone. I gave up on my BIG dreams years ago…  However, I discovered some principles God’s Word and began implementing them into my daily life. This turned everything around.  I want to share with you three keys from the Bible that completely changed my life (and the life of Jim Carey, Jon […]