4 Indicators Of Wrong Soul Ties

Out of the hundreds of video podcasts I’ve recorded, my highest viewed videos on YouTube are on “Breaking Soul Ties”. I receive countless emails, letters and messages from women and men with questions about this intimate topic. They are in wrong relationships, admit that it’s wrong, but cannot seem to move on. Teenagers have crossed the […]

Clutter Clean Out

One of my favorite subjects to share about is pursuing your dreams and your goals. Why? Because I personally discovered this is key to having a successful life. And not just goals that are wishful thinking, but goals for your life that you really plan to achieve. [dropcap color=”#555555″]I[/dropcap]’m going to share with you a […]

Dig In Your Heals

Dean Rhodes was a man who missed opportunity after opportunity, but chose to dig in his heels and not give up until he succeeded. In John Maxwell’s book Failing Forward, he tells the story how Dean Rhodes met a guy named Dave Thomas, long before Dave ever opened his first Wendy’s fast food restaurant. Rhodes […]

Can You Imagine

I read a story about the Grand Opening Ceremony of Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It reported that at the grand opening, Walt Disney had already passed away. He wasn’t even there to celebrate its’ completion. But at the ceremony, the host of the evening recognized Mrs. Walt Disney’s attendance by saying, “Mrs. Disney, I […]