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Here are articles and teachings written by Terri.

Picture Your Dreams And Goals

Mademoiselle Savelle” – that was my name all through college in all those French classes at Texas Tech University. I like how it kinda rhymes! I studied French in college and even got a degree in it; however, I didn’t really do much with it. I always thought that my French degree was nothing but […]

Fear Not! There is nothing to fear!

Just a few weeks ago, I was out taking my early morning walk when some ladies in my neighborhood yelled, “Be careful, Terri, there’s a skunk up there!” So, I changed my route  to avoid  this  skunk  that  I couldn’t even  see in the dark! This went on for several mornings. One day, I got […]

Broken, Mended & Made Whole

Two months after I got my driver’s license at 16 years old, I was at home one  rainy Monday  night  doing my  homework.  I  ran  out  of  paper  so  I jumped in my brand new red, Mustang convertible and headed for the store. When I got to the stop sign at the end of our […]

Tailor-Made Temptations

When I was in cheerleading at Crowley High School, all the cheerleaders had to get fitted for our uniforms.  We scheduled a day to meet with a seamstress, and she measured each of us one by one.  She had a notebook with each of our names on a separate page and she took careful measurements. […]

Your Calling Is Calling

When you die, there will be a tombstone with your full name on it. Your birth date will be on the left side and the date that you died on the right side. But it’s that little dash in the middle that determines what you did with your life. That little dash determines everything. Did […]

3 Steps To Building Your Self-Esteem

A few years ago, I walked into a tanning salon where I desperately needed some color before going on my first official missions trip to Costa Rica. It’s tropical there but it was freezing here – so I needed to fit in! Ladies, you understand. When I walked in, the 40+ year old woman working […]

Lift Your Head

It’s been reported that 85% of people’s problems are that they don’t like themselves. Why? Because of poor decisions we’ve made in the past, things we have done, things that have been done to us that were out of our control and on and on. The overall result being low self-esteem, shame, a poor self-image, […]