A New Look for a New You!

Have you ever noticed how you “look” when you’re sick? Look at people in the doctor’s office sometime. Not too good. What about when you call in sick and stay home for the day? You hope nobody shows up at your house unexpectedly. No make up. Your hair isn’t washed. You’re wearing old sweat pants, […]

To Paris with Love!

The time has come for me to go to the mission field! Everyone laughs when I say that God has called me to France….Paris, France! And yes, it sounds funny! And yes, I happen to love shopping, wearing berets and having a croissant or 2! But the truth is that France desperately needs the love […]

Shake it off and climb up higher!

Did you know that God can use the very things that you are most embarrassed about, most ashamed of and most hestitant to talk about — to bring healing and hope to someone else?  It seems that’s exactly what He’s doing with my life.  I find myself sharing more and more about my mistakes from […]

Clean up and clean out!

My mom is such a perfectionist about having her house clean, organized and everything in its place! I mean everything!  Her house is home-y but almost “museum-like”…. got it?  If she calls me out of the blue and says, “Terri, I’m on my way over. I’ll be at your house in 15 minutes!”  Oh dear […]

“Cheer Mom”

Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader, right? I used to love cheering at High School football games, basketball games, volleyball games, you name it! I just loved cheerleading. Well, I only thought those days were over . . . now my daughter is in competitive cheerleading. And I love it! I am such a “cheer […]