Imagine Big Kit

Package Contains: Imagine Big (Hardback Book) – Unlock The Secrets To Living Out Your Dreams Your imagination is your mind’s ability to envision your future. But “seeing” your dreams is just the first step to transforming your reality. In IMAGINE BIG, Terri Savelle Foy shows you how to attract the ideas, opportunities, resources and relationships […]

Untangle Package

Limited time special television offer. Terri’s new book Untangle – Hardback Book (Just released 06/18/12). Break free. Clean the clutter. Pursue your purpose. Your soul is made up of your mind, your will and your emotions. It is what you think, what you want and what you feel. A soul tie is an emotional bond […]

February Resource Offer

I’m excited about offering you my newest teaching, 10 Tips to Find Time. In it, I share solutions that are extremely practical but have positioned me to be a wife to Rodney, a full-time mom of a 15 year old daughter (and all that it involves), a TV co-host, an author, conference speaker, employer, and […]

January Resource Offer

Discover practical ways you can clean out physical and mental clutter from your life and prepare for promotion. This month for your gift of any amount I want to send you this new teaching, Clutter Clean-Out in 20 Minutes, because I want you to experience a new level of peace and confidence in your life. […]

December Resource Offer

5 Years From Now – 3 CD Series What is five years? It is 260 weeks…1,825 days…2,629,744 minutes. Do you get so get so busy doing the things you have to do that you never get around to doing the things you really want to do? Or do you ever take the time to think […]

Dig In Your Heels – 3 Compact Disc

How do you go from a dream in your heart to a vision in writing to a reality in your life? You ‘dig in your heels’! This message of determination is designed to strengthen your resolve when you feel like quitting or giving up on reaching your goals. Whether it’s losing weight, getting debt free, […]

The Freedom of Forgiveness

Who is it that comes to your mind the moment you hear a message on forgiveness?  Which memories instantly surface in your mind?  If you are ready to give your past a burial and experience the freedom that comes from forgiveness, this series is for you! In it you’ll discover: Six signs that you need […]