3 Signs it’s Time to Make A Change

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Are you content or did you settle along the way somewhere and stop pursuing your big dreams and goals? Being content where you are is fine, but don’t confuse contentedness with settling for less because you’re too afraid to go after what you really want. Today, Terri shares the 3 signs that it’s time for you to […]

This Is How Short Your Life Is

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We are killing time every day without even knowing it. Today, Terri shares the alarming facts that will cause you to wake up to the reality that you don’t have time to waste being stuck in your past, living in fear, afraid of stepping out and full of shame and guilt. Get Your Download HERE  Get the […]

How to Visualize Your Dreams Into Reality

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God gave you a unique (and powerful) ability to see beyond your current circumstances. Today, Terri shares with you the importance of using your gift of the imagination! Your imaginations, your visions can take you from where you are to where you want to be.   Get your FREE download HERE   Also available Imagine […]