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Making Your 2023 Vision Board

Making Your 2023 Vision Board I’ve witnessed dreams turn into reality from using vision boards since 2012. And it feels INCREDIBLE! That’s why I want to help you make your vision board for 2023… When you surround yourself with images of your vision and what you’re believing God for, it causes your faith to come alive on the inside […]

5 Ways to Get Serious About Your Dreams

5 Ways to get Serious about your Dreams Now, as we enter the strange period of time between Christmas and New Year, you might already be seeing “new year, new me” posts on Instagram. Or your friends may be talking about their new gym membership. Motivation will get you started on changing your habits (and life), but there are 5 key areas in […]

Your 2023 Goal Setting Checklist

Your 2023 Goal Setting Checklist We have just 12 days left of 2022! As you’re gearing up for the new year, I believe watching this week’s video can really help you succeed. Here’s the thing — there are 6 common mistakes people make in setting new goals… many people don’t even realize they’re a mistake! I’m praying and believing […]

3 Simple Habits You Must Practice in Private

3 Simple Habits You Must Practice in Private Question for you… Are you serious about improving your life this new year? I’m always reminded of this phrase: People are rewarded in public for what they practice in private.I want to encourage you to get serious about preparing yourself in private. I heard a minister say, “God can’t use you publicly until you […]

5 Steps to Plan Your Best Year Ever

5 Steps to Plan Your Best Year Ever Happy Monday to you! I hope you’re enjoying this season and are getting excited about what God wants to do in your life in 2023. Whether you’ve already got your goals lined up, or if haven’t given next year a single thought yet, that’s OK… today’s video is for you. Remember this: WHEN THE […]

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes


I want you to ask yourself something… When is enough enough? When do you draw the line in your life and say, “I’ve had it!” Enough living in debt! Enough being put down and abused! Enough being out of shape and feeling insecure about yourself! Enough sitting on the sidelines of life knowing God has […]