Affirmations for Self Esteem

Happy Monday… it’s going to be a great week! Do you know what the two most powerful words in any language are? The two words: I AM. Whatever you put after those 2 little words create your reality. If you’re anything like I was years ago… insecure, ashamed of my past, and overcome with feelings […]

Programming Your Mind for Success

I’m praying for you and believe this is going to be a week of favor and breakthroughs! It’s God’s will that you prosper, be in health, and enjoy success. Through studying, I’ve discovered there’s something every successful person applies BEFORE they attain success, BEFORE they achieve their dreams, BEFORE they see prosperity… and of course it comes […]

What I Learned Visualizing My Dreams

Is there a secret to achieving your dreams? As I was thinking about the goals I’ve accomplished over the last few years, 3 things stood out to me that I wished I’d known sooner. Every successful person I know and have studied, practices a secret that has caused them to live their dreams… What is […]

This is how I write my goals

While we’ve been going through this pandemic, I’ve been encouraging you with what the Lord told me in the summer of 2018… “Don’t shrink your dreams, enlarge your faith.” You may be thinking, Terri, c’mon. Things are such a mess and my dreams are on hold right now. I don’t minimize any hardships you’re facing. But don’t put […]

My New Morning Routine

I’ve been getting a lot of great questions lately from so many people who feel like giving up during this pandemic. How in the world do you not gain weight, waste time, give up on your goals, and watch too many Netflix series? Since almost everything has drastically changed in society and many people are […]

5 Simple Habits to Beat Procrastination

Today you’re going to get a $25,000 tip to triple your productivity and skyrocket your progress to achieve every goal in life. I’m not just making up some random price tag for this information, someone truly paid that much money (not to me) to hear this tip today. This is a true story. Watch this […]

17 Productive Tips and Hack

Think back to when life was normal and you were in your routine…Would you start your day by waking up late, rushing around, hoping you didn’t forget anything, rushing out the door…. trying to make every green light and entering work the same way… a little scattered and stressed? I want you to find time in […]