How Do You Get Yourself to Stay Focused?

As I was going back through my comments on Instagram, I found the same question getting asked over and over again… “How do you stay focused with your habits?” Answer: Be very protective of your mornings.  I learned that successful people are proactive about their day – not reactive. They take care of themselves first before they […]

How do you start dreaming again?

  You didn’t get to choose which country you were born in, which city you grew up in, whose parents you were born to, or the environment you were raised in. You didn’t even get to choose your own name, something you would be called for a lifetime!   You didn’t get to choose the beginning […]

Don’t Miss Your TIme

  On Monday’s, there’s a common theme throughout the world where we dread them. Well, after this, I can guarantee you’re going to be fired up to tackle this Monday. Are you ready? I know you have your phone… you’re probably reading this on it right now. I need you to use the calculator on […]

Recreate Your Life Story

I heard a story about a lady known for making delicious homemade biscuits… People would drive the distance to get a taste of her biscuits. You could smell them in the driveway. Your mouth would water as she pulled them out of the oven, the size of softballs.    One day she said, “Just consider […]

How to Put An End to Regret

Do you regret the things you did and wish you hadn’t done, or the things you wish you had done but didn’t?   My hope is that you don’t regret anything… but studies show that 90% of people die with regret.   Regret means: to feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened […]

Erase Your Bad Memories in 3 Steps

Did you see the survey I posted recently on Instagram? I was just curious to see if I was the only person who went through these things or if others have felt the same way too. Here’s what I asked: Do you wish that your bad memories would just go away? 86% said YES! Are you […]

Why I stopped watching the Bachelorette…

You probably read the title of this podcast and laughed… I know my team did when I mentioned it! But seriously, I have a good reason for why I stopped watching The Bachelorette… and most TV in general. It had to do with something God dealt with me about so I could go to the next level in life. Find out […]

3 Signs You Are Going to Be Successful

If you know me, then you know how excited I was to record this week’s podcast for you on one of the most famous structures in the world (can you guess where?!) I believe this podcast is going to help you achieve those big dreams and goals God has put in your heart. As you watch, you’ll learn about the […]