3 Spiritual Keys to Self-Discipline

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Why do some people make lasting progress and achieve results and some don’t? You know those people who come to the end of each year without any growth, change, or goals achieved. Well, after years of study, development, and personal experience, I believe self-discipline is the key to personal fulfillment. It will open doors for you that you […]

7 Things Unsuccessful People Do

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Did you know that there are certain habits that unsuccessful people practice without even realizing it? Today, Terri shares with you the top habits of the unsuccessful and ways you can rid these habits out of your life. Click here to watch Terri’s previous podcast❗https://www.terri.com/3-signs-you-will-be-successful-one-day/ FREE chapter of my NEW book⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ https://www.terri.com/5thingsdownload/