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You Can Win the War in Your Mind Whatever you think about the most is the direction your life will go. Your life moves in the direction of your most dominant thoughts. Here’s the thing, you will never outgrow warfare; you must simply learn to fight. You have to learn to FIGHT the war going on in your mind. This week, I […]

Do this to have a breakthrough!

Are you so focused on what’s NOT happening that you can’t truly enjoy what IS happening? Trust me, I understand. But I found out that one of the quickest ways to see your dream manifest and to get your breakthrough in whatever is frustrating you is to CHANGE THIS ONE THING. I want to share […]

Understand What You’re Going Through

The size of your challenge is an indication of the size of your calling. See, your battle can be your burial or your breakthrough… it all depends on your perspective. I want to help you today to keep the right perspective because God is going to cause something amazing to come out of this struggle. […]


Maybe you’re not always “shy”, but in certain circumstances, you tend to shrivel up and not pursue the things in your heart because of a lack of confidence. This week, I want to share with you how I overcame being shy. Jesus did not die on the cross for you so you could feel insecure, […]