Break free…Clean the clutter…Pursue your purpose. A soul tie is an emotional bond or connection that unites you with someone else. The closer you are with someone, the stronger your souls become tangled. In Untangle, Terri Savelle Foy guides you through the pain and confusion surrounding negative soul ties and shares practical advice to help you […]


Some people turn their life around, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals while others never seem to break through a life of untapped potential. In this message, Terri Savelle Foy wants to help you develop the drive you need to excel and achieve all God has for you.

Vision 101

Vision 101 is a 12-month program designed to instill habits that will cause you to achieve success and fulfill your purpose. You will receive a CD teaching and a companion workbook each month on a different topic for one year. As you listen and read, you will receive clear and simple direction to apply. You […]

July Resource – Build Your Confidence

I’m so excited about this month’s 3-part resource, Build Your Confidence, for your ministry gift of $25 or more. In this highly requested teaching series, I outline practical steps to build your confidence INWARDLY and OUTWARDLY. Both are important. As you begin change on the inside, the way you carry yourself on the outside will […]

June Resource

This month, as my thank you for your gift of any amount, I want to send you my entire teaching, “Clutter Clean-out in 20 Minutes”. Take a step in the natural that will position you to receive something supernatural! I also want to thank you for partnering with me to reach people all over the […]

April Resource – Your Gift

With your ministry gift of $25 or more this month, I want to send you this complete teaching as my thank you. Don’t wait for the perfect timing, someone to pick you, the right person to help, more self-confidence, the hurt to be gone, or the inspiration. Seize the opportunities to use your gifts now […]