How To Create Your 2021 Vision Board | 3 Steps To Get You Ready For The New Year

By now you know that I love vision boards. But why am I so passionate about using them? Because it’s a simple principle from God’s Word… you become what you behold. Remember, vision boards aren’t about doing a fun, little craft project. This is your visual reminder of where your life is headed!

Watch today as I share 3 important steps to help you create your vision board and get you ready for the new year.

The Bible makes it clear that “faith without action is dead.”

I want you to know that I don’t just look at a vision board and expect the “law of attraction” to bring my dream to me.

I take action in the direction of those dreams. You have to put legs to your dreams.

When you take action, God will open the doors that you could never open on your own.

Click here to watch and let me show you how to take action toward your dreams with 3 key steps.

I’m cheering you on,


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