5 Steps To Creating Your Vision Board | #1 indicator your vision board will manifest

Have you ever craved coffee so bad that you were willing to wait in a thirty minute line for an overpriced drink?

This is because when you desire something with great intensity, you will go after it…

Well, the same thing happens in life – if you have an intense desire for something, eventually you will find it in your hands!

But how do we know this is true?

Well, this week, I want to share with you the #1 indicator that your dreams will actually manifest…

I also want to share with you the 5 simple steps to creating a vision board that actually works!

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How do you stay in faith when you see nothing happening?

https://youtu.be/XBw5tQaI_Gg One of my friends on Instagram asked this question — How do you stay in faith when you see nothing happening? This week I want to share a teaching that I believe will give you the strength you need during seasons of waiting… Faith Building Scripture Download MORE VIDEOS

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Nothing Delays Your Dreams More Than THIS!

I came across an article from a guy named Darius Foroux who said his mentor gave him the best advice to be successful… He said, “I just try to avoid being unsuccessful. You should study what makes you unsuccessful, unhappy, broke, fat, stupid. Then, eliminate those things out of your life.” Darius said, “To this

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Don’t Let These 5 Things Ruin Your Life

Years ago I wrote a book called 5 things successful people do before 8am and one of the chapters was called 10 Things Unsuccessful People do… that the successful don’t. That chapter was written as a checklist to help you and me know what to avoid! I mean, these things can ruin your life and

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Every successful person has one of these…

As I was thinking about what to share with you today… I started thinking about my successful friends and people I have studied through the years. Then I realized… THEY ALL HAVE THIS! And here’s the crazy thing… it’s not expensive. In fact, it can be free! It’s also not hard to do… anyone can

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