Letting Go Of The Past, pt.3

The enemy of your soul will use anything he can to keep a part of you tied to your past. It may even be an old CD, a picture, clothing, letters, perfume…anything that has an negative emotional tie attached to it. When letting go of your past, it’s important that you clean out everything that’s […]

Letting Go Of The Past, pt.1

Letting go of the past is something I’ve had a great struggle with… but I discovered in Luke 17:32 three words that changed my thinking. It simply says, “Remember Lot’s Wife.” In other words, you can be destroyed by looking back! You can lose your future by looking back. Everything God has for you is […]

God Chooses People With A Past

Receive God’s forgiveness, and look ahead to your future. Have you ever noticed that God used the least likely people to do some of the most amazing things for Him? He chose the adulterer, the murderer, the thief, and the prostitute to pour His love and favor on. He used them as an example for […]