Breaking Barriers

I woke up on my Birthday this year thinking about barriers that need to be broken in my own life. That’s my goal this year – to see barriers that have stood in my way for too long…come crashing down. I know the definition of insanity is: to continue doing what you’ve always done expecting different results. So, in order to break a barrier then I need to do “something” different — even if that something is one simple thing.

Whether it’s struggling with the barrier of losing those same 5 pounds month after month or saving more than $1000 at one time in your savings account (and not touching it!) or breaking the barrier of insecurity and going on that job interview with confidence, we all have barriers that try to prevent us from being all God wants us to be and having all that He wants us to have.

Share with me what kind of barriers you’re facing that need to be broken. And if you’ve developed a “plan” to break them, I’d love to hear it. I love having a plan.