The Life You Live is the Life You Think You’re Worth

Did you know that the life you currently live is the life you think you’re worth? 

The perception you have about yourself has a butterfly effect on everything in your life, including your job, relationships, and finances. 

This week in my podcast video I want to help you discover the way you see yourself and how you can improve your self-worth. 

Whatever your situation is, now is the time to start living the life you KNOW you’re worth!

I want to share an encouraging message that I believe will push you in the right direction toward your dream life!


How to Break Your Negative Thinking

When you constantly entertain negative thoughts, it could become your new reality. Today I want to share a shocking story with you about the power of negative thoughts… It will literally send chills up your spine. FAVOR DOWNLOAD MORE VIDEOS

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The Power of Speaking God’s Favor

Today, I want to share with you how the favor of God can change your life. Plus, I’ll give you the 10 benefits of favor that my dad taught me so you can release your faith to experience it! FAVOR DOWNLOAD MORE VIDEOS

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