To Anyone Feeling Stuck Right Now | 5 Incredible Reasons to Challenge Yourself

You’ve probably heard people say this over and over:

“Be the best version of you” or “Be your best self.”

…but here’s the thing… that only happens when you push yourself outside your comfort zone.

Good morning! Today I want to give you a little push outside your comfort zone.

You’ve heard the expression that, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” right?

For 11 years, my life was on autopilot and nothing was really changing. I had fallen into a rut without even realizing it.

I did the same routine day after day, and I cared more about watching other people live their dreams on TV than going after my own. 

But here’s what I’ve learned: as long as you’re comfortable, you’re not growing. 

Watch this week’s podcast video… I want to help you get “unstuck” and start getting a vision to improve your life. Click the button below to download your free 30-Day Challenge List.


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