When Nothing is Going Your Way Do This!

A few weeks go, I was looking over my top 10 goals for this year.
That’s nothing new. I’ve been doing this for almost two decades now (I’m known as the “Cheerleader of dreams”) and I know how to set goals, but…
Seven months into the year and I hadn’t checked of ANY of my goals! Not one goal.
I honestly thought, What is my problem? I teach this stuff!
Well, there were several things I did to boost my faith, but one in particular, I believe enabled me to turn the corner and start checking my goals off!
God began overwhelming me with breakthrough after breakthrough and I believe He wants to do the same for you.
Watch this week’s podcast video.

Sometimes there’s something God needs us to learn or get serious about before our dreams can happen.
I don’t want this message to disappoint you, I just want to be real with you.
You could be in the same boat I was in just a couple months ago, asking yourself…  What is my problem? Terri makes it look so easy!
Most people say when your goals seem out of reach, when nothing’s happening or going your way, hustle more, 10X your efforts, work harder! I’m giving a different message today…
I want to share the one major key that turned my goals around this year and can do the same for you!
I’m cheering you on,


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