Women working in strip clubs need an encounter with the life-changing love of God. Many of the dancers and servers are controlled by pimps or victims of human trafficking. Through our strategic alliances and outreaches, God has given us favor to go into strip clubs and minister to these precious women.


Our partners are reaching teen girls and young women in safe houses and help centers. From unplanned pregnancy, self-harm, exploitation, abuse, or eating disorders, you can provide the vital help and training they need as they make their dreams bigger than their memories.




Every year, our partners make it possible for girl’s homes and safe houses to attend ICING for a weekend of biblical teaching, hope, and fun. Women attending between the ages of 13-21 are also provided faith-building resources at no cost to them… because we know that lasting change comes from the inside out.

Become a partner

Help women obtain freedom from abuse and exploitation and find purpose in Jesus through your financial support.


Give hope and vision as you make an eternal difference in the lives of God’s precious daughters.

fulfill a calling

Help a young woman discover her calling while we cheer you on to accomplish every dream God’s placed in your heart.


When you partner with Terri Savelle Foy Ministries, you are sharing the love of God and truly changing these young women’s lives.