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Pep Talk Kit

Use your words to change your life, not just to describe it.

In this kit, Terri Savelle Foy reveals: 

-The language of success 

-How to become your own cheerleader 

-How a grateful heart attracts blessings 

-How you can unlock your potential to rise to new levels 


Discover the power of gratitude and positive declarations to become happier, healthier, and more successful today!

Pep Talk book 

Pep Talk MP3 audiobook 

My Gratitude Journal 

The Power of Gratitude CD 

Positive Declarations CD 

My Daily Pep Talk static cling

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Dream it. Pin it. Live it. workbook
Dream it. Pin it. Live it. audiobook
18" X 24" corkboard
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The Power of Gratitude CD

This is a single message on 1 compact disc.