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Pep Talk reveals how you can use your words to change your life alongside the “Positive Declarations” CD which includes declarations from God’s Word about your freedom, faith, finances, family, fitness, and future dreams and goals.


In Don’t Shrink Your Dream! Enlarge Your Faith!, Terri walks with you through seven powerful and practical keys that will shift your identity, remove the limitations, and enlarge your faith.


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“What was life like before getting ahold of Terri’s message? Daily depression. Daily alcohol intake. Walked around feeling like a Lost Christian. No real dreams. I only wanted to make it through the day. Dreams were for other people…Then while watching Joyce Meyer on YouTube, Terri’s video came up next… I put a dollar amount on my vision board that was $100,000.00 over any income I had previously earned… not only had I made that additional $100k I had actually surpassed it by $50k. Thank you, Jesus, for sending me Terri!”


“I sowed seed into your ministry at the Next Conference and named that seed in regard to my student loans being paid in full. The same day, I heard back from you that you are praying for me, I received a $14,000 check in the mail from a relative to go toward student loan debt!”


“Our oldest daughter got married in April, and had the wedding of her dreams, we were able to purchase a house and move, I got a new car, and new furniture for our new house. I am also 5 years cancer free, Praise God! All of this was on my Vision Board…”


“We started a new venture to inspire women to RISE up, go after their dreams… we felt led to plant a seed in your ministry (we learned about that from your Faith Building Event!). Someone from TSFM called me the very next day & prayed for us. Six days later, God went above & beyond our hopes & dreams… we found our new venue and they cut the hourly rate in half for us!”


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