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Terri Savelle Foy reveals how giving yourself a pep talk consistently and intentionally is key to achieving your dreams. Why? Because your words are powerful and the words you speak about yourself are even more powerful. Discover what to say from God’s Word about your freedom, faith, finances, family, fitness, and your future dreams and goals.
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Who is Terri?

Terri Savelle Foy is a cheerleader of dreams and is convinced that ‘if you can dream it, God can do it.’


Terri’s Latest Podcast

Happy Monday! This week, I want to show you one more podcast I recorded in Paris this last month… It’s my response to Tony Robbin’s “hour of power”
If you’ve never heard of the “Hour of Power”, don’t worry, I explain what it is in this week’s podcast, but there has been a lot of controversy on whether or not this “system” can actually help you become successful by just giving up one hour a day.
I started using the hour of power and here is my response about it.
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