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The Leader's Checklist

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Hardback Book

The Leader's Checklist - 10 Action Steps to Inspire Your Team for Success

Within The Leader's Checklist you will find 10 simple, practical, and effective action steps Terri has taken to develop her leadership abilities. Whether you lead a company, a church, a network marketing team, a youth group, a department, or a home, the information shared will benefit you and help you reach the next level.


Chapter 1: Develop a Plan for Personal Growth

Chapter 2: Obtain the Vision

Chapter 3: Build Your Dream Team

Chapter 4: Consistently Meet with Your Team

Chapter 5: Establish a Learning Culture

Chapter 6: Know Your Core Values

Chapter 7: Set Yearly Goals

Chapter 8: Know the Facts

Chapter 9: Establish a Financial Plan

Chapter 10: Stay Focused on Your Priorities

Picture of The Leader's Checklist 6073-BK
The Leader's Checklist 6073-BK

 Hardback book

190 pages


The Leader's Checklist