The Key To Reaching Your Goals This Year

You may ask what the key is to achieve your dreams and goals? The answer can be summed up in this: It’s what you stay committed to. Today, Terri gives practical keys to help you stay loyal to what you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has left.


Please fill out the form below to send us your top goals for the year. We would love to stand in faith and pray with you concerning them!

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  1. Floyd Glenn

    Love the 1st 2018 video – and looking forward to the next one too! ( :

  2. Rebecca Haskins

    I been listening to your podcast. They have encouraged me to write down my goal. I really like to my own house. I like get my student loan paid off. I like to find a husband. Read motivated books. Playing flute like Kenny G does saxophone. I trying to make YouTube videos on my flute. I don’t know how to make it professional. I love singing. Declutter God been talking about, my word for 2018. Is believe and hope. I believe for my home.

  3. Cruz Ygnacio

    I am very greatful for you and your ministry. I have been encouraged to dream and take action upon the achivement of my goals and dreams. I know that God has a perfect plan for me and I am preparing myself so I can be ready when the opportunity arrives.

  4. Lesa Patterson

    That was excellent! I plan on sharing your excerpts from this podcast to my sales force on Friday! Thanks, Terri!

  5. Lisa Katsuda

    I love watching Terri. My daughter and I love her teaching and we have our vision board up and look at it daily. We are believing for our new bigger home as we are currently living in a studio but thank you Jesus we know He is so loving and takes care of us and our dream home is right around the corner. We live on oahu and I would love for you to come to oahu and speak.
    Love from Hawaii.
    Lisa and Tiffany Katsuda

  6. Valerie McCall

    Thank you Terri Savelle foy. I’m really excited about getting started and reaching my goals for 2018.

  7. Annette Amos

    Terrie, when I first met you and heard you speak he spoke to my soul. Due to having positive people speak into my life this year and listening to your audio’s. I have lost almost 75 pounds. So I am excited every time youcome out with a new tool to help change my life to use for the glory of God !

    Many blessings to you and your ministry.

  8. Leslie Bradshaw

    Thanks for the encounter with love and and mercy and kindness. You and Jerriann are such a blessing in my life. I Love y’all! Praise The Lord for you two! So beautiful and so kind as well.
    You are truly inspiring. Thank you for encouraging others to be their best and not give up!

  9. Tina Richards

    So honored to be linked with you and your ministry in every way!!! May this be your best year so far!!! Ms Terri has helped to motivate my family and I, we are lives that are forever changed!

    All my love,


  10. Deborah Gauntt

    Thank you for your videos and how to set goals

  11. Aris

    Terri I wish you have a long life so you can inspire and help more and more people. Thank you

  12. Brian


  13. Sayani

    I want to be topper of my college , write a book , make my freelancing work better.

  14. Shane knapp

    Thank you!

  15. Christian Saraim

    Hi Terry God bless you!!! Thanks for your videos

  16. LaCourdia

    I am so glad to have listened to this podcast on the 6 tips for goal setting and achieving. I gathered good notes from this 11 minute segment. Thank you for the Isaiah 46:10 method.

  17. Mur

    Ive been blessed

  18. Charmaine

    Thank you Terri, you are an inspiration!

  19. John Richardson

    Thanks for putting manifestation of dreams on the bottom shelf for me…. My wife and I are so excited.

  20. patty peterson

    I have Big goasl! Most seem like the impossible, since my husband seems set, with his, and I am doing this alone. Pls pray with me to be restored
    Per my goals I e- mailed you! Thank you so.much for helping and agreeing for change
    I believe for big favor ! Patty

  21. Sanele

    I am so greatfull for this ministry because it helped break from my insecurities and bad habits which I didn’t know were bad. I am ultimately greatfull that every advise I got from this ministry are straight from the Word of God . I love how I am motivated to use my imagination as a tool and to speak time to think and pray about what God wants me to do. Right now I am full of self love and ready to take over the world one step at a time by simply planning, thinking and continuing good habits. I believe that every time is God’s perfect time because I have the strength each day to use the tools God has given me to practice my faith to reach my goals

  22. Ryszard

    Hi Terri,

    I have been a long term viewer for many years. I started viewing your videos when you only had a couple of hundred subscribers. It is incredible how far you have come and I am so proud of you for doing so. It is an incredible achievement and you deserve every bit of success of it.

    After suffering from severe depression for many year, THIS year I will try my hardest and best to stick with the dream and my goals and really focus on achieving them. I feel better after watching your videos and am following your advice ever step of the way.

    Thank you for being you and keep up the great content. I truly believe that 2018 is going to be my year, full of success and achieving my goals and dreams!

    You rock!

    Kind regards,


  23. Stephanie

    I’m ready!

  24. Gina

    This video was phenomenal,
    Thank you Terri, actually,all of your videos are phenomenal.

  25. Serena john

    You’ve changed my life to a complete 360 turn towards God. I feel more grounded and grateful that I’ve ever been before. You spiked up my faith from a 4 to a 10. I love you terri. I write about you very often in my journal and I do hope to meet you some day. May the good Lord continue to use you as his vessel and bless you

  26. Terri Hill

    Thank you from one terri to another. You are a blessing.You have a wonderful way of bringing God’s truth in a daily practical way.

  27. Dulci

    Thank you

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