Understand What You’re Going Through

The size of your challenge is an indication of the size of your calling. See, your battle can be your burial or your breakthrough… it all depends on your perspective. I want to help you today to keep the right perspective because God is going to cause something amazing to come out of this struggle. […]

5 Indicators You Have a Dream from God

You probably already know, but my sweet dad, Jerry Savelle, is my guest speaker this year at our Dallas ICING Women’s Event (whoop whoop)!And I’m so excited… it’s happening this Friday (get your tickets before it’s too late)! So, I actually stole something straight from his notebook and decided to share it with you in […]

How to take back control of your life…

As we start a new week, let’s get right into it… Brian Tracy said, “Comfort and convenience run the lives of unsuccessful people.” I don’t know about you, but I let comfort and convenience run my life for decades after graduating from college. You’ve probably heard my story, but I had nothing in savings, lived […]

The Month of “YES” |”You Never Say YES to Anything!”

When was the last time you purposefully did something totally different? Think over the last few months, have you…      Started learning a new language?      Signed up for music lessons?      Cut your hair different?      Visited a new restaurant or tried a new food?      Went somewhere totally different for vacation? Doing something different is so […]