25 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Entire Life

So let’s do something a little different today…

Come along with me to a discount store to find cheap, creative, and effective ways to organize your entire life.

Yes, seriously!

You’re going to be amazed at what you can do with a paper towel holder, muffin pan, and tic-tac dispenser to organize your makeup and jewelry…

Or, wait until you find out how an ice cube tray, shower hooks, and a empty tissue box can declutter your life and bring you so much peace.

It’s probably better if I just show you. 

Watch this week’s podcast video below. You’re going to discover so many affordable and unique ways to declutter your life and keep it that way


Jesus was praised for His excellence.

Mark 7:37 says, “People were overwhelmed with amazement.” They said, “Everything He does is wonderful.”

It could be…

  • keeping your car in the best condition you can
  • putting dishes in the dishwasher immediately after dinner
  • making your bed before you run out the door

This standard of excellence means you are doing your best with what you have at this season in your life.

…and that is all part of your preparation for the next level God wants to take you to.

So, let’s discover some creative decluttering ideas on a budget.

I’m cheering you on,


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