5 Things to Get Rid of Today if You Want to Live Your Dreams…

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When I was recording this week’s podcast video, I remembered something so vividly…

It was 2008, and I was about to start our YouTube channel. The camera started recording and I was so scared.

I knew some people would laugh the moment they heard my Minnie Mouse voice. I felt so uncomfortable, vulnerable and very insecure. But I did it anyway.

Little by little, people started watching. Like 22 people… all at once! Ha!

In fact, in our first year on YouTube, we had 8,000 views total… for the year. I had to keep the vision to reach people all over the world before me.

My goal was to have 100k subscribers one day. It looked completely unrealistic. However, I remember the day YouTube awarded us with the Silver Play Award for reaching 100k subscribers!

What are you going to do with your goal that seems impossible, or when you’re afraid to take action?

This week let’s talk about 5 things to get rid of in your life today if you’re going to live your dreams… I think number two might shock you.

These are the exact steps I had to take to reach some of my goals… even when they looked completely unrealistic! One of the top things I hear people say when they just start to pursue their dreams is, “I thought it would be easier.”

Here’s the thing, if it were easy, everyone would be living their dreams. But you know what separates the ordinary person from the extraordinary person?
That little word “extra”. Spending extra time reading, working, praying, researching, studying… I believe you are an extraordinary person or you wouldn’t be spending your Monday morning watching a faith-filled personal growth video. If you’re ready to go that extra mile today and do something to pursue your dreams and goals, watch now! I believe getting rid of these 5 things in your life will tear down those mental blocks that are keeping you from achieving the dreams in your heart! I’m cheering you on,


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