5 Ways Successful People Set Goals



For years, my goals went something like this: Save money, lose weight, read more, get closer to God. Eat healthier.

Have you ever made those types of goals? I never knew those type of goals were a set-up for failure.

There is a better alternative to take control of your results and achieve more. I’ve discovered goal-setting techniques that do work and will help you be more effective.

Almost everyone believes it’s important to write their goals, but not everyone does it. Dr. Gail Matthews researched goal-setting thoroughly and discovered that by the simple fact of writing your goals down, it gives you a 42% greater probability of achieving the goal. Just by writing them down! On the flipside, not writing your goals is sure-fire way to fail.

But writing them down is just one part, setting the goals themselves the right way will make a huge difference.

Watch the video below to discover five ways to effectively set goals (plus I’ll share two bonus tips with you).








[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/JnwPrwa2T_w” title=”5%20Ways%20Successful%20People%20Set%20Goals”]

Today, Terri will share with you effective strategies that she, and other top goal-achievers, utilize that will take your dreams from thoughts, to plans, to becoming your reality.



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