How do you start dreaming again?

You didn’t get to choose which country you were born in, which city you grew up in, whose parents you were born to, or the environment you were raised in. You didn’t even get to choose your own name, something you would be called for a lifetime!
You didn’t get to choose the beginning of your story, but you have everything to do with how your story ends!
One day, you’re going to wake up on your 78th birthday (the typical life span in America is 78.6), and as you look back on the life you’ve lived, are you going to smile at what you see? Will you wish you hadn’t stopped dreaming somewhere along the way? Whatever remorse there would be, let it become your driving inspiration to do it now.
Today, I want to talk to you about how to start dreaming again.
Think about this: Are you going to pursue your dreams or complain about what could have been?
You know, sometimes it’s easier to paint a picture of you as the “anti-hero” in your story more than the hero. I did that years ago…
I painted a true picture (I actually wrote it out) of what my life would look like if I didn’t step out to pursue my dream. If I had stayed exactly where I was 10 years later, what would my life look like? It was a miserable portrait because I knew inside God had more for my life. And He does for you too…
I want you to learn these keys now so you don’t come to the end of your life with regret.
I’m cheering you on,
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