How Do You Stay Disciplined with Your Habits?

Did you see the question I posted on Instagram the other day?
I asked, “If we could sit down and talk, what is the one question you would want me to answer?”
After hundreds of responses, I made a list of the most common ones. Over the next 5 weeks I’m going to answer the top questions in the podcast.
So today I want to address 1 of the top 5 questions: How do you stay disciplined with your habits?
It’s not coincidental that the most common trait I’ve seen in the most successful people is self-discipline.
Let me distinguish between self discipline and motivation:
  • Self-discipline is about leaning into resistance. It’s taking action in spite of
    how you feel.
  • Motivation is your overall desire to do something.
So, here’s how you move from motivation, to a lifestyle of self-discipline…
I’m cheering you on,
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