How To Successfully Design Your Life

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Was this your story?

You just went with the flow in life… almost like you were on autopilot and didn’t even realize it.

Months, maybe even years, started passing you by when you realized you were more intrigued with watching other people live their dreams on social media or television than you were to go after your own dreams.

Finally, you broke this cycle and developed your vision when you took the time to THINK.

Sounds funny, but Henry Ford said “Thinking is the hardest work there is… Which is probably the reason so few engage in it.”

So, my questions for you today are:

⇒ Are you thinking about what you want in life?

⇒ Where do you want to go?

⇒ What do you want to do?

⇒ What do you want to have?

⇒ Who do you want to meet?

⇒ What impact do you want to make?

⇒ What do you want said about your life here when it comes to an end?

This week, I want to help you train your thoughts and expand your vision.


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