My Response to Tony Robbins’ “Hour of Power”

Happy Monday! This week, I want to show you one more podcast I recorded in Paris this last month… It’s my response to Tony Robbin’ “hour of power”.
If you’ve never heard of the “Hour of Power”, don’t worry, I explain what it is in this week’s podcast, but there has been a lot of controversy on whether or not this “system” can actually help you become successful by just giving up one hour a day.
I started using the hour of power and here is my response about it.
What you may not realize is that one hour a day really does add up! If you were to start investing in yourself just one hour a day for an entire year, that’s 15 days out of the year that you invested in YOU!
I want to share with you my response to the “hour of power” and what I recommend you should start doing to make your dreams a reality.
I’m cheering you on,


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