The Month of “YES” |”You Never Say YES to Anything!”

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When was the last time you purposefully did something totally different?

Think over the last few months, have you…

  •      Started learning a new language?
  •      Signed up for music lessons?
  •      Cut your hair different?
  •      Visited a new restaurant or tried a new food?
  •      Went somewhere totally different for vacation?

Doing something different is so good for you. It pushes you, challenges you, changes you, and it can prepare you for a new level of life.

The Bible says, “You have not passed this way before” (Joshua 3:4). In other words, God has new things for you and a new direction… but you’ve got to step out and and be open to do new things.

I want to inspire you to start saying yes to new things. Watch this week’s podcast video and let’s go on a challenge to say yes!

Have you heard that phrase, “Nothing changes if nothing changes”?

It’s so simple, but also so profound. In any area of life, if you’re believing for a change… you’ve got to make a change. Do something different. Start saying “YES” to new things.

Now, I want you to do some things that stretches you.

To help, I’ve put together 50 ideas to get you to start saying yes to some new things. Just pick one and get started.

I’m cheering you on,



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