This Small Change in Your Life Can Make a Big Difference

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Have you heard the phrase “Small hinges swing big doors”?

It comes from W. Clement Stone and means it’s the small things, the small actions that are often the trigger for big things to happen in your life.

Sometimes big things happen as a result of small changes.

Let me share with you some small changes you can make that can can open BIG doors for you. Watch this week’s podcast video. I want to help you get started on swinging those big doors in your life by challenging you with some “small hinges”.

Pushing yourself to do something for 30 days could lead you to a major life change like it did mine. You’ll never know until you start with one challenge, one day.

Watch this week’s podcast video… I have fifty 30-day challenge ideas to get you started… just pick one and go for it!

I’m cheering you on,



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