What do You Do When Your Vision Board is Up

Have you been watching the pasts week’s podcast and still feeling limited in your thinking and ability to achieve your dreams?
Sometimes we don’t know what we want or feel that we have the ability to obtain what we want because we haven’t been exposed to more….
It wasn’t until I attended conferences, got in an environment that caused me to “wonder” and ask “does God have more for me?” that I began to dream bigger and achieve more.
I want to challenge you to think bigger because God does have more for your life… but how do you think bigger?
Pray for things that stretch your faith!
If you can accomplish all your dreams and goals in your own strength then you don’t need God’s help!
The only way you can get your hopes up to go after those big dreams is through EXPOSURE! I want to share with you this week how to expose yourself to thinking and believing bigger.
The dreams in your heart may be BIGGER than the ENVIRONMENT you find yourself in…that’s why you need to expose yourself to more.
See, your environment teaches you to be content…but God is saying, break out of your comfort zone, see bigger, think bigger! God has more for you!
That’s why I host my annual ICING Women’s Event in Dallas, TX each year because something powerful happens when you get around other women in an environment that’s exciting, positive, faith-filled and inspires you to believe that God has more for your life!
I’m cheering you on,


P.S. CLARITY about your dreams is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT STEP TO SUCCESS! I’m gonna help you get clear by giving you my goal-setting worksheet to get you started. Go to terri.com/worksheet to get your free download.

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