What Stops God From Blessing You?

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I just finished my morning routine of taking my Chocolate Lab, Beauregard, for a walk around the neighborhood.

He has a leash reel that extends and lets him run far. This leash has a little button on it and when he’s chasing rabbits (and dragging me around), I can press that button and it will stop extending. It puts a choke hold on him so he can’t go any further.

Did you know that most of us have a choke hold?

Let me ask you today: Where does God have to stop blessing you because you can’t receive it? You CHOKE.

Where do you choke when it comes to asking God for something big?

In this week’s podcast video, I want to talk to you about how vital it is to ASK BIG and not shy away from the blessings God has for you. Click the button below to download Terri’s Top 10 Scriptures For Asking Big.


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