Why I stopped watching the Bachelorette…

You probably read the title of this podcast and laughed… I know my team did when I mentioned it!
But seriously, I have a good reason for why I stopped watching The Bachelorette… and most TV in general. It had to do with something God dealt with me about so I could go to the next level in life.
Find out why in today’s podcast video.
I want to talk to you in today’s video about what the Lord was speaking to my heart during that time.
He said, “Don’t be average, and your life won’t be average.”
You know, as I thought about what that meant, I realized it applied to everything.
  • You don’t be average and your career won’t be average.
  • You don’t be average and your body won’t be average.
  • You don’t be average and your opportunities won’t be average.
  • You don’t be average and your relationships won’t be average.
I believe today’s podcast video is really going to bless you…
I’m cheering you on,


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