Don’t Shrink Your Dream! Enlarge Your Faith!

What do you do when your big dreams are delayed or look like they’ll never happen? You can shrink your dreams down to a level you can make happen in your own power, or you can build your faith to a greater level and experience God’s supernatural power to achieve them.   For your gift of any amount, Terri would like to say thank you by sending you a copy of her mini book, Don’t Shrink Your Dream! Enlarge Your Faith! In Don’t Shrink Your Dream! Enlarge Your Faith!, Terri walks with you through seven powerful and practical keys that will shift your identity, remove the limitations, and enlarge your faith.   It’s time to break through the barriers that have held you back for too long. Discover the actions you can take to achieve the dreams in your heart today.   Thank you for your generosity that impacts lives around the world with a message of hope, vision and purpose found in Jesus. *Limited to one per household.
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